#3 Buena Vista ~ Fundrazr Update

I so hope this works!!! I’ve been putting together a video, that is coming soon I promise, walking you through the Apt. renovation at Buena Vista St. #3.  My “Diamond In The Rough” as I like to call it and what I am so looking forward to calling Home.  With how crazy things have been, and being knew to all the video making and tech stuff, everything is taking longer than I expected… so I’ve put together a quick slideshow to at least show you the progress of what we have been able to continue working on… part of that in thanks to those who have taken part in our Fundrazr “A Home To Heal In”.  The video is what I was hoping would be a way to give back, to share the joy that is created and the healing that is coming together, as the stress of so many medical related expenses are eased with the help of others.

I haven’t been great at spreading the word, but I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the love, care and support that has come over the past months.  We obviously are moving much slower than we had hoped, but we do what we can when we can and accept that all will happen in perfect timing.  I am praying this post works as Fundrazr has added new great things to their site, a competition going on this week that may help share our story with others, if lucky enough to win!  I messed up and thought it ended tomorrow, had infusions at the hospital this week, and now have an hour to get this posted to share the link! LOL

The beginning photos are where we were at summer time, having had the kitchen mostly installed, waiting on some cabinet mistakes that had come in the wrong color… just an example of the crazy fun things that happen during a home renovation! 🙂  The last photos are the most recent, from a couple weeks ago, when dad called me down excited to surprise me with the paint color up!  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!  I only showed the downstairs here as that is what we’ve been concentrating on… working on getting what we nicknamed “the studio” finished first.  This way, we can at least enjoy an open spacious room during the days, as we continue to work on the upstairs.  What has come in from the Fundrazr so far, is helping to make a nice dent in the ability to pay for the heat installation, that being the priciest thing in process and not exactly DIY eligible :).  Without heat, everything is held up.  I am so excited to finally share a glimpse of what everyone’s support has been a part of, at least helping to ease the stress here and there… This is my happy place, what I designed in my head two years ago, daydreamed about as the months have passed and have been working so hard towards to not only fill my heart and spirits, but to help my family in any way I can as life continues.

A video with vocal walkthrough of the entire renovation will be coming soon… Until then… thank you to all of you who send good thoughts from near and far.  I know I’m not sending gifts and cards for Xmas, but please know my thoughts are always out there with you… a day doesn’t go by that I’m not in appreciation and gratitude of the kindness of each one of you…and every act of kindness around me… :)… In fact I keep my eyes open for them everywhere I look, so I can hold on to those small moments that help keep me believing in the human spirit.  Thank you for believing in me…

… an hour later…

Go figure… the slideshow wouldn’t upload!  That’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing! LOL :(… So, I’m not going to leave you totally hanging, but I’m not going to show you everything either.  Here are a few of the most recent photos… a preview of the video to come!  (Though I think I’ll just close my eyes a minute first now that my time limit is free.)


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  1. Jerry

    Way to go! Fabulous! I love the blue color, the windows, the floor, the stairs! I can see it is going to be a beautiful space for you. Can hardly wait to see the video. : )

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