A Calming Presence

I apologize for taking these extra days to finally share my first two meditation posts from Oprah and Deepak’s Meditation Series… along with the affirmations I chose to go with them :).  Since the first two didn’t have the free audio’s attached, I allowed myself to listen to my body, which was screaming at me with a loud and clear message… a full-blown migraine telling me I had pushed myself too hard and ignored one of the most important things in life…balance.  Now, if we were to take a quick look from a different point of view, it gave me my unexpected FB post for that day 🙂 and inspired the content and start of another blog entry.  Why not turn what seems like lost days and negative pain into something that may be able to help and inspire, both a lesson for myself as well as shared as a perfect example for others… and then I found out it was #migraineawarenessweak also!  What a great example of preventative medicine, avoiding triggers and the importance of taking time for you. xo

Saving that for another day though… back to today’s affirmation! 🙂

Instead of going to my first blog entry that started these meditations, I decided to go backwards… this meditation being the one mentioned in my previous two posts as it was the one that came immediately before them. (Seems fit in a way to save what was my first entry, to be the lucky last. hehe…It’s also the one out of sequence from the rest, the one meditation sent from a friend that introduced me to the final days still available to share with you… I’m saving the best for last!)

What’s important now is Today’s Affirmation ~ 🙂

“I Am A Calming Presence”



“We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil.”
– Swami Satchidananda

I loved what the message for this meditation was about… agree in full heart! I actually felt little chills of how it aligned with what Design To Live is all about and the energy and message that I’m hoping to share with it. They talk about how we can affect the world around us with our calmness, but how we can only really do that when our own calm is genuine. For that to be genuine you have to be at ease, and to be at ease you have to be able to be yourself…to be true to your heart.

They also talk about the idea that being true and being in touch with your “inner self”… basically being able to listen to your heart and intuition and choosing to do what is right for you, is what gives you inner happiness. That happiness naturally creates a calm serenity in your body that those around you feel, and the way I see it … like sneezes ;)… becomes both contagious and infectious! All of the above is also the most conducive for a healing environment. xo

The next meditation in the series, “I Am Fulfilled”, and what was my first to post in my reshuffling :), will probably make a lot more sense after this… if you were to read it again.  In it, I refer to this meditation, because it continues on with the same energy and similar message, only this time speaking of the roll of happiness.

For the above affirmation, you could choose to simply say “I Am Calm”, especially once you’ve practiced it so much that your body has come to know it and program it subconsciously.  All you will need is a trigger for that calmness, such as these abbreviated few words, and the calm feeling inside will start to take over quicker and easier without even thinking about it :).  Try it out over the next week… start each day with this affirmation and see how calm you feel that first day, and how it seems to affect those you interact with.  Does that calm comes quicker in a few days time… in seven?  At the end of a week, does your calmness feel like it has become more a part of you? And then, as you go into the world and interact through the day, does your calmness spread to those around you…and do you notice a stronger and/or larger impact the more genuine your calmness is, from day 1 compared to day 7?  I’d love for you to come back and let me and our growing community know what kind of experience you had :)…you may even spread your calmness to others right here! xo

Wishing you a calm and peaceful week! :)… both within yourself and in the comfort of your surroundings as you positively affect others. xo

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  1. Jerry

    Wise words, thanks a bunch!

  2. professorparadise

    Awesome. Thank you!!!

  3. howardhcmcclelland

    Thank you so much for the inspirational words. You sure have a way with writing. I wish that more people could read these blogs. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Patrick Ryan costello

    Well sweet one,,, I have had the privilege of being with you in the hospital for the last five days and want you to know that you have been the calmest of everyone including doctors, nurses, attendants and myself. So many mess ups in such a compressed chaotic environment, yet you were constantly calm while directing everyone thru their indecisions toward the most positive result!!! And your the compromised patient, you are a living example of all that you are sharing. Thank you for continually being your true self. Lovingly

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