A Journey Completed

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It’s been one week since we took sweet Maria out into the beautiful Hawaiian waters for her final paddle. There are few words to describe the sacred magic of this day for me. It will forever be etched in my heart. So much beauty, so much love, so many tears, and so much ‘ohana! Thank you each and every one who joined with us, whether physically or in heart! I felt all~

Maria’s Kumu, Lanakila, extended her Hawaiian name in the moment of the day. What a blessing that was. Kamaoanamaliepohaialoha ~
The calm ocean surrounded with love~ It is so Maria. The ocean was calm and peaceful. The Love was gigantic! 

The meeting up of the catamaran and four canoes was amazing. I held that girl tight in my arms and then released her into that deep blue water with Love and joy in my heart! I miss you, Maria, and am filled with gratitude for 37 years of being your mum!
Mahalo~  Suzi

Maria Costello's photo.Maria Costello's photo.

Maria Costello's photo.

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