A True Companion

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Greetings ~
This is Suzi, Maria’s mom, posting to let all know sweet beautiful Bella has joined her Maria today. I know Maria talked much about little Bella.  Bella was the perfect,  most devoted companion one could ask for.  I count my blessings that she was Maria’s therapy dog and companion for 12 years.  Then, she remained an extra 3 months to make sure I was good!  Bella passed peacefully on my lap.  I will bring her, with Maria, for Bella’s first experience in the magical Hawaiian waters!  Everything we read about, and hear about, in reference to a dog’s devotion and love for it’s master is something I have had the Grace to witness!  It’s so tender and beautiful.  Last July when Bella was admitted to the hospital for her congenital heart failure, the doctor did not think she’d make it through the night. Maria went to say good bye to her. That was 10 months ago!
No more words…..just appreciation for all of you who knew, loved, and followed Maria and her enthusiasm for life.  Bella helped Maria every moment by simply lying next to her, and demonstrating unconditional love!  We should all aim for this love and devotion! 


~Blessings and Peace

Maria Costello's photo.

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