“A Place For All To Feel At Home…… Online” 😉


Welcome to Design To Live!  This isn’t your typical “design” blog, though you will see a lot of design, from my own ideas to my favorite finds 🙂 …but most of all it’s about how DESIGN is a part of EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Just like there are no two fingerprints the same, there are no two people exactly the same. You all have a unique Design to Your Life… mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually… that allow you to create a life that truly spells H-A-P-P-Y and H-E-A-L-T-H-Y! 

Design To Live is about bringing all the different types of design together, bringing an even bigger meaning to the term “integrative medicine”, and designing your life in the best way to feed your passions (heart) and your health, so each one of you can live the happiest life you can.  If sick, it’s about healing…If healthy, it’s preventive medicine all the way! 🙂 All the pieces to your blueprint are out there, but how yours fits together is unique to only you.  As Design To Live grows, the content and resources will continue to increase to help support you in finding your answers… and hopefully the community will turn into an added support helping one another as well. 🙂

People think they need outer things to be happy… love, success, material wealth… when really it is finding happiness on the inside that allows the doors to open for the rest to come.  Only you know the “blueprint” to your design… that feeling you get when your body tells you that you’ve found your true passion in life, what many refer to as your “intuition”.  There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to start listening to that intuition, that gut feeling or inner voice… to follow your heart, say NO to fear and become the “architect of your life”!  I hope that by getting to share my story, my Design Journey, that Design To Live will help inspire you to Design Your Life so you can live the life you love! 🙂

In addition, the more recent years of my Design journey and my personal passion, weigh heavily in Interior Design and Architecture… so a large % of content will be about “literal” design and renovation.  This part of the site could stand on its own if you wanted nothing else, if your interest lies purely in the fun of beauty and design…if you love Home & Garden shows or are an HGTV addict, Design To Live is like a design site within itself as well :)… that part being where I share my passion and the projects we are working on now, day to day.  It covers DIY, real estate, products on the market, going GREEN, and most of all our own renovation with before and afters.  I’m Designing to Live now, with the dream that one day I will also get to Live to Design!… We’ve also started the stage work for projects that will allow me to use my love of design to help others who are also in need of healing, happy spaces.

Design To Live is for old friends and new, for those interested in my story and everything that has happened, to those who I only hope might find support as they go through their own medical struggle… or maybe you’re here because “it’s all about the fun of design”, in which case “YES PLEASE, LET ME ESCAPE WITH YOU” ~ I love leaving the medical behind, finding balance with the moments I get to go to magical lands of creativity and imagination.  No matter what, everyone is welcome and whatever brought you here, or put that happy smile on your face now… oh,,oh,,yep, that’s the one right there, hehe ;)… whatever makes you want to sign up, knowing you want to feel that same happy smile again tomorrow!… that reason is perfect for you now and your life’s design.  This is a place to find love, kindness, compassion and honesty… where you are safe to be real and true to yourself, in fact that’s rule #1!  It’s a safe place to talk, to be who you are, without judgement or criticism… I hope you find yourself coming here when you need a pick me up, if you are ever feeling a little less than fully loved, if you feel alone or if you’re simply in the mood for a great quote.  No matter what brought you here, I hope you find something you truly enjoy, that captures your heart and leaves you looking forward to more! xo

You can read more about Design To Live and where it comes from under Who I Am.

Now let’s go have fun designing!!… Both apartments and our lives, to live each day with as much love, health and happiness as possible!


Love Note: I created Design To Live almost four years ago, all offline of course, a vision in my head and drawn up on paper… on what I liked to call my design boards (or dream boards).  I finally figured out how to create a WordPress site and secured my domain etc. two years ago!  I only got the basics up that you still see here, but not on a theme that I loved or that had the potential to do what I needed it to do.  At least I could post a few blogs to keep family and friends updated and I was sure it wouldn’t be long before I’d have time to teach myself the rest.  Yay right? :)…Wrong :(…

What I thought would be a few months has now been 3 years! Ay-ya-ya, lol. “My story is more narrative, originally written for another purpose, but it was all that was needed until now with no need to share details of my background health experience etc… I will write an appropriate on-line version of my entire story, time-line like summary maybe, when time allows.  I apologize that there have only been sporadic posts to update now and then, and I thank those who have held on, waiting for the same vision that I’ve been so excited for (even not knowing what the entire vision is yet) :).  There are days I want to both scream and cry, all at the same time, simply understanding how easy it is to put what has been on my design boards all these years on the screen in front of me, yet untrained to do so!  So much has happened over the years as well that I would have kept updating, unable to share it with you until finally I COULDN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!

The content has been collecting, whether it be all the before and afters of the renovation, inspirational quotes for the day to pull from what I’m calling “The Love Well”, fun “Did You Know” fact or fiction like finds around the home, or “feel good” news stories of the day… these are things in the news every day that are inspirational and fill your heart with happiness and hope, but of course never seem to make the nightly news along side the murders and chaos that is aired.  There have been great ones lately and I haven’t had anywhere to post them!

At least I got it this far!  What matters most now is posting something so you know I’m thinking about you and wanting to share it!  I needed to know this much tech wise so I could respond and keep up without you thinking I was ignoring you or making promises and not following through, when really I simply had no idea how to respond or fix something when it didn’t work… And I’m not promising that won’t still happen, uh-oh, so please be patient with me and know, “I’m not ignoring you if something happens, I’m still on the other end out here thinking of you!”xo  Putting my fear aside, I’m instead taking you on the rest of my tech journey with me, at least I hope you will honor me with your company, by signing up before the site can “talk for itself”! 🙂

For now, I’ll put things up where they will be when working, in the meantime the picture will at least help share what is coming.  Along with fun, love and inspiration… you’ll be getting some good humor and entertainment as I share my bumps and bruises figuring things out, but knowing I am finally sharing makes me happy already! Yay xo

Sign up below to enjoy all the above… it’s free! And you can unsubscribe, no questions asked…friends always… any time you wish.  So there’s really no harm in seeing what you think :)… and let me know what made you smile the most?  Or what left you wanting to find out more that you’d like me to expand on?  I’m here for you as content begins to bring up questions…as well as wanting to give what you enjoy the most.