An #Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away ~ UEBoom

I have discovered a new love for the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

Taking that thought outside the box, I’m even turning it into my #TechTipTuesday for the week… although I know it is Wednesday already and I thank you for your patience. 


…Surprisingly this seems perfectly fit.  Today’s post relates back to my recent entry, “Footprints In The Sand”, and how the guy at Apple played Santa that day… literally an angel in disguise, the footprints in the sand that lifted my spirits with the amazing little gift package he put together unexpectedly.  Today’s tip is more of a review, that continues to be inspired by #Apple, me wanting to share my joy and awe over a great little product find in the bluetooth speaker department… What can I say… I love them! 

When they came up with the saying “An #Apple a day keeps the doctor away.”, they never said what kind of apple it had to be! LoL

Health is about balance ~ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual… and in this case, The Apple Store has played a huge role this year in making Christmas exist for me… in helping to bring the spirit of the season into my heart and home.

Tuesday, my nurse Garret came to draw blood and it ended up his turn to play Santa’s elf! LoL Before leaving he connected the bluetooth speaker that was included in the Apple gift bundle… the UEBoom!…or the Ultimate Ears BOOM. 🙂



I couldn’t believe how easy it was!  It came out of its package with battery fully charged… the cutest little size… but wait until you hear its sound!  With the ability to connect it to more than one device, we connected it to my i-phone for now, one single goal in mind: To have iTunes radio playing Christmas songs before he left.

Now, I literally have almost zero experience in iTunes as well… I know, today that sounds almost ridiculous, but it’s true.  Thinking things would be much harder, I had procrastinated from setting this up until I knew I would have both the time and energy for complications.  Because of that, this experience was almost exciting for me!  In a way, it gave me courage for all the tech stuff ahead, ready to get my feet wet now, before taking the full plunge… before diving into the unknown world of tech toys, needed if I want to follow my dream with all of you. xo

I don’t think I had time to blink twice before music was filling the Apt.  It was awesome!  As long as you have your wi-fi connected, (kind of preliminary with “bluetooth”), all I had to do was push the power button on the UEBoom… a few seconds later my iPhone had already detected and connected to it.  Garret taps a couple of buttons on my phone… music, radio and then a random Christmas music channel… and all was done.  I felt a little shocked to be honest. LoL… The tech dummy in me was a bit dumbfounded at how fast everything had just happened!  After he left, I spent the day playing with the different iTunes selections, in awe at the amazing sound that filled the apt. to every corner… without even using 1/3 of the volume.

Not only is the UEBoom an amazing little unit for both sound quality and user friendliness… but it fits right in with Design To Live, as well as the Taurus in me 🙂 … my love of beauty and my passion for fashion and for design, in all its forms.  In this case, the design of the technology is cute and simple, with fun colors that make you smile.  It’s a winner all round! 


After the hospital set back in September and the unexpected changes in appt’s and increased infusions, Christmas snuck up out of nowhere this year, so fast it was like the season didn’t exist.  We finally got our tree up on Sunday and I must say it’s been pretty fun getting to sleep under the X-mas tree lights each night… but most of all it made it feel a little like Christmas was actually here.IMG_1979

With the tree and the music, it’s slowly feeling a bit more like the holidays after all… Thanks to #Apple, the ambiance of the holidays is finding us no matter how bad this medical set back has been. All that’s needed next are the Christmas Movies!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone 

Don’t forget to leave out the milk and cookies! Hehe 😉

My love to you all ~ and sweet dreams  xo



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  1. Jerry

    That Boom speaker sounds terrific. Thanks for the tip of how it well it works and how easy it is to set up. Here’s hoping you, your Mom, Dad and Bella had a merry little Christmas in your cozy place.

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