Angels In Disguise!

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I swear, sometimes people in this world are really just angels in disguise, placed in our paths to make moments of happiness and love spread!  This may be off topic of design and renovation, or anything that has to do with my transplant, but then again it all has to do with life and the joys that we find to keep us moving forward with a desire to live.  Today is my mums birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!… and every year I wish I could do for her everything in the world she would never imagine doing for herself. 🙂

This year didn’t bring any changes to make that wish come true, but although my mum would never expect anything and would never ask for more than a relaxing evening of tv with me, I miss so much the excitement of doing things that light her face up in surprise!  I love seeing her happy, especially when it’s in response to something I get to be part of.

As I think back now I can’t help but smile, reminiscing winning past surprises that have left her speechless…. The first was very much my dad, introducing me at a young age to the joy of such gifts. He surprised her with a trip to Bali to see her spiritual teacher, along with friends who would be there for the same event… after seeing her reaction I was hooked and began my own tradition.  One birthday I surprised her with tickets to The Phantom of the Opera, able to keep it secret all the way up until she was standing in front of her seat, thinking we were simply picking up someone else’s tickets from a friend working the matinee… The next, I called her boss and got her the day off of school! lol, but didn’t let her know until I showed up with a lei and a day bag of “needed items”, and swooped her off to a day spa on the beach.  Massages, steam rooms, hot tubs and iced tea, which also allowed us access to the private beach before stopping for dinner where a surprise party was waiting… As my life changed so did my abilities.  There was a surprise picnic at the park back in Hawai’i, and then there were the birthdays we spent apart, but since transplant the best (and only) surprise I got to give, was flying her best friend here on her big day and literally watching her leap a foot in the air when she answered a knock at the door… That was an awesome moment!

I knew I couldn’t top any of that with how hard things have been, but I wanted in my heart to do something that was at least unexpected… THAT IS WHEN THE ANGELS CAME!!!

What could I do from the confinement of our apt?…not to mention in only one day?!… but as I was waking this morning I thought, “Whole Foods” (who has the best flower choices around)… it can’t hurt to ask if they would be willing to deliver to a school that was only a few blocks away…

THANK YOU to my angels for today… Rene Turner and Alyssha Carbery… who opened their hearts and added their own extra spirit, to help me make mums day a special one! They asked management for permission to deliver it themselves, Alyssha fixing up a special mixture of color that would fill the classroom with beauty and smiles, and then they asked me if they could surprise her by singing Happy Birthday!  It couldn’t have been more perfect, as I received a text shortly after saying “Mahalo for the flowers! I got a Whole Foods birthday song in the cafeteria 🙂 sweet!”.  YAY!  If anyone else had answered the phone they could have easily said, “we’re sorry, we don’t do deliveries of any kind…”, but instead a day like any other was turned into one worth remembering…  That is why I feel compelled to say, “you never know whose path you’ll cross on any given day, but often they really are an angel in disguise to help each of us get through a time that may otherwise be unbearable”.

On second thought I think this is a perfect first post for Design To Live, the flowers being the design and the gift in our lives being the happiness and strength we each got to feel by being a part of it. I hope everyone remembers to play the part of an angel in someone else’s life now and then… you may not even know you are!…

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  1. mark sigman

    Darling Maria,
    I reeally enjoyed reading about your almost intervention of ‘nanna’. Soooo glad She will find someone to care for her. You have such a loving and sweet heart. You would be perfect to run a rescue on the beach. Love to you and your Mom and dad. Talk soon. Deb and I leave for Dera on Nov 29!!

  2. Paula Mantel

    Aloha, Maria. I just finished reading your blog entries and story. I bow to you sweet soul. Your heart and mind, so pure, so HEALTHY!! : )
    I am initiated in Surat Shabd Yoga. Your Mum and Papa are good acquaintances over the many years visiting satsang on Pacific Heights. Bart Smith introduced me to you briefly at Down to Earth many years ago – about 2001 or 2002.
    Sun Star is a friend and connected your Dad and I on email recently when he realized I was on the mainland. I care for my mother and niece in the Chicago area where I grew up. I live in Hawaii part time. My siblings help out, too.
    I love the autumn scene you have on your home page. That is gorgeous!! I enjoy HGTV, too. : ) Thank goodness for television. We watch a lot at the family home. Well, I want to be in touch and say hello, or Aloha, and wish you the very best. I am online a lot and am happy to stay in touch. I am on Facebook, too. Radha Soami, Paula

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