Celebrating a Beautiful and Courageous Life~ Maria

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Aloha all~ It’s Maria’s mom, Suzi, posting particulars for beautiful Maria’s celebration and final paddle into the ocean she treasured. On July 31, we will take Maria out from Magic Island, Honolulu. If you are planning on flying in, and … Read More

Celebrating Maria

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Hello all~ It’s Suzi, posting this favorite picture of beautiful Maria and her sweet Bella as a puppy. Maria left this physical plane 2 months ago. I miss her every moment and continue to feel such gratefulness for being mum … Read More

In the Arms of the Angels

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“In the arms of the angels” Honoring Beautiful Maria— Feb, 2016  Aloha all~ This is Suzi, Maria’s mom, sharing that Maria merged into the light on January 13.  She is now free of the pain and complications from her transplant, and … Read More

Happy Valentines! XO

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, well Valentines weekend I suppose, seeing that I’m a day late posting this.  It kind of fits when I think about it, seeing that I believe every day should be Valentine’s Day… in the sense that … Read More

The Renovation Begins: Short term rental to help others

HAPPY SUNDAY!  or, according to today’s astrology, I should be wishing you a happy “SWEET” Sunday… but I think we all know what the majority of the nation would be saying, and that is Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday! 🙂 That said, I’ve … Read More

Tech Tip Tuesday ~ A helpful Use for Your Smartphone

After what turned out to be the hardest weekend physically, since September and all the craziness of the hospital and the awful side-effects of the medications I was given… I’m so happy to be able to get back on-line, to … Read More

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! ~ Good Entertainment Is One Of The Best Medicines

So, I’m going to write this as best I can, hoping that it makes sense through my already foggy state of mind … but this link is a perfect first example of how Entertainment is one of the categories of design on … Read More

Tech Tip Tuesday ~ Getting Organized with Evernote

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I can’t believe how fast 2015 has already been passing us by!  How we got to January 14th I honestly don’t know… it feels as if I’m in a coma somewhere, meanwhile there’s a puppet master out there pulling the … Read More

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~ Welcome 2015

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I Love the ROSE PARADE!! It’s so beautiful what they do with flowers and roses, such amazing colors and creations… leaves me smiling no matter how awful I feel! It’s a perfect example of what I mean … Read More

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