Merry Christmas! ~ Now Happy Boxing Day!

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MERRY  CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!  …or back home in New Zealand… Happy Boxing Day!  I started this yesterday, meaning for it to be a Throwback Thursday (#TBT) of last years Christmas… but since I didn’t get it posted (or even finished) on … Read More

An #Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away ~ UEBoom

I have discovered a new love for the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Taking that thought outside the box, I’m even turning it into my #TechTipTuesday for the week… although I know it is Wednesday already … Read More

Natural Stress Relief ~ Click Here

I’ve meant to share this with you guys for a couple of weeks now, thought it was the perfect video for the day when mum and I found it on a #SpiritSunday 🙂 .  That being said… I know it’s … Read More

What Is The Most Important Element When Making A Video For Your Website?

It’s An Inspired Tech Tip Tuesday! Surprisingly, when you’re making a video for your website, whether it’s for a personal blog, a business, or maybe an interview series for educational reasons… there are literally endless possibilities for making a website … Read More

What Makes Someone An Inspiration?

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Hi Everyone 🙂 Happy Spirit Sunday! Since I can’t figure out how to attach this post as more than a link… as in, with the picture embedded as well, the way you will see it on the Facebook post below… … Read More

The Tool That Can Help You Read Minds

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First of all, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All! I didn’t get my intended Thanksgiving blog posted, the main reason being that I was working on the tech side of my website as well 🙂 … I at last got my … Read More

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This deserves a lot more attention than just a short post, but for now I wanted to at least share this quote that I came across in my inbox this morning.  It’s from one of my favorite quote sites,  … Read More

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Website or Blog

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It’s Tech Tip Tuesday Again! As much as I could simply tell you how to “Embed” a Facebook post onto your website or blog myself, this tip also became a BIG tip on how to make sure you don’t have … Read More

Footsteps In The Sand

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I wanted to post this as my Spirit Sunday entry … now that I’m so excited to learn about embedding Facebook posts!  Only the entry that I did get posted, didn’t turn out so easy after all. It all worked … Read More

Water ~ The Diamond Of Liquids

I found the following post earlier this week, on my favorite local Organic Spa’s Facebook page 🙂 .  I shared it immediately on FB via the “share” button, but it was here that I wanted to share it most.  I … Read More

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