The Renovation Begins: Short term rental to help others

HAPPY SUNDAY!  or, according to today’s astrology, I should be wishing you a happy “SWEET” Sunday… but I think we all know what the majority of the nation would be saying, and that is Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday! 🙂 That said, I’ve … Read More

The Power Of Thought!

I continued to have tech problems last week, unable to get my blog posts to send via email :(… I’m sorry to those who missed my updates via Facebook instead.  Now that I have things working though…yay 🙂 !… here … Read More

Last Minute Christmas!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So much for getting content up on a regular basis. 🙂  Sadly, my migraine turn low grade fever, became a headache that is now in its 12th day of rolling in and out.  Catching up on my … Read More

Renovation ~ Stage 1

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I think the hardest thing right now is figuring out where to start!  There is so much to get posted, from the renovation to the “flash backs”, to new things that continue to unfold with each new day… and then … Read More

Could it really be?…Floored by the Floors!

I almost can’t believe it with my own eyes!…but I couldn’t be happier unless it were a makeover surprise! 🙂  In all seriousness we have been trying to get these floors done all summer, not just the downstairs, but the … Read More

“Pin Your Turf”

This may immediately sound like a long shot to you, but PLEASE, let me explain why it stopped me in the midst of another entry and jumped itself to the top of my queue!  This “Pin Your Turf” contest is … Read More

#3 Buena Vista ~ Fundrazr Update

I so hope this works!!! I’ve been putting together a video, that is coming soon I promise, walking you through the Apt. renovation at Buena Vista St. #3.  My “Diamond In The Rough” as I like to call it and … Read More