Could it really be?…Floored by the Floors!

I almost can’t believe it with my own eyes!…but I couldn’t be happier unless it were a makeover surprise! 🙂  In all seriousness we have been trying to get these floors done all summer, not just the downstairs, but the upstairs as well… each of course requiring a different path to completion.

Thanks to the wonderful support of those who took part in the online fundraiser last year, we finally got the Mitsubishi a/c units installed this past March, hoping back then that a miracle would allow us to move in, to make use of the great clean air, during the hottest weeks of summer.  We may not have succeeded, but it definitely helped cool the place down for dad to work in!  We went with the Mitsubishi to help prevent my migraines and inflammation caused by different triggers, as well as the ability to control individual temperatures in each room… one in each bedroom, and a single unit for the 1st floor open loft.  This allowed us to go with moist heat upstairs, using Warmboards as our subfloor.  I was begging dad all summer to get the measurements sent in, as they have to be custom ordered to fit your space.  Therefore, they were the only thing that could actually hold up the renovation, if we were lucky enough to suddenly have helping hands to finish the job.  We of course had problems with a job this simple too! LOL  There were computer issues for our friend, who was drawing up the layout for us, and we had to remeasure and redo things a few times before finally getting it all right and sent in… but at last it happened…and less than two weeks later our Warmboards arrived!

My concern now was help for my dad to put the Warmboard down, never having done it before, and considering the trouble we had been having already getting the downstairs refinished all summer.  Suddenly, helper angels arrived!  Out of nowhere, our friends uncle came to town who happens to be brilliant at this stuff.  He looks over the project and takes the job with dad like that, scheduled to start last Saturday.  Dad also lined up help to work with them and after a summer of no shows, five people were in the apartment, everything coming together with smiling faces! 🙂

1st Warmboard install :)
1st Warmboard install 🙂
zone one complete
zone one complete

The downstairs had become comical… no matter what we did to get it done, it simply wouldn’t happen, to the point of frustration where laughter was all that was left, if not to keep from screaming. lol  My poor dad… I don’t know how many times he was left waiting in the Apt., workers for the floor all lined up, only to have a no show again and again.  Another time, the job was actually started really well (which made him so happy, after it had been botched the time before) and he came home excited that we were finally going to be getting it done, and then they didn’t return the next day!  Our little patchwork holes had turned into massive missing spaces, and as summer went by it seemed like we had gone backwards instead of forwards…even if just by looks with the job in mid progress.  Then, the same time that the upstairs is now scheduled, the downstairs falls into place!  Not only did dad connect with his people, but everyone showed up… and in less than a week, just LOOK! :)…

First Coat
First Coat


The next morning

Between the upstairs and down I’m literally wondering, could this be for real!!  Someone may have to pinch me! 🙂

You can read about the Warmboard process as well as the full refinishing of the original hardwood floors and choice of natural stain in my separate future blogs.  These pics are as of Wednesday Oct 30… one coat of stain.  Hopefully the preventative benefits of moist heat and clean filters, along with several other aspects of the renovation, will help with the migraines that keep me from being able to get online and blog due to nausea and such foggy headedness.  That actually being how I spent the first few days of this week and why this blog is a bit behind :(.  Its made it a long sad week, trying hard to feel the energy of the good things going on so I could share it with everyone… at least its nice to be able to say good things are happening when in so much pain!  A glimpse of light that helps pull me through…

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  1. olga connors

    Looks wonderful Maria 🙂 Had no idea it was so hard to get help over the summer. If only we
    lived closer. Feel better, step by step 🙂 Love

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