Dog Rescue!!!!

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So I got this e-mail yesterday from the WOWS group, a group of women that all live here in the Mexican War Streets (hence Women of the War Streets…hehe).  It’s pretty cool, they get together once a month for an appetizer/cocktail evening, always fundraising for a cause of some sort with a donation bowl.   Anyway, the group isn’t what this is about so moving on…

The e-mail was about a dog named Nanna, a two year old boxer mix (probably shepherd), who was surrendered to the WPA Humane Society, North Shore by a teary eyed owner who could no longer afford to take care of her.  If that wasn’t sad enough, she was going to be put down within 72 hrs if they didn’t find a home for her fast!  I just about died!  Obviously I couldn’t take her for good, but there was no way in hell I was going to let them put her down!  She is absolutely terrified over there, her entire world turned upside down (hmmm, I kind of know that feeling…), suddenly she’s alone and surrounded by loud noises, banging cages and barking dogs… so what do I do?… call of course!  WHY NOT??!!  What’s another dog to take care of? lol  I don’t even know if I could have done anything, or if I even had the ability to legally, but what I did know was I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t do everything I could to help save her.

Luckily, she isn’t being put down yet!… They found a shelter that will take her for the next week or two, but meanwhile here I am trying to think of all the ways I could make it work with Bella and where I could keep her… perhaps I could put her in dads yard and the downstairs area and then spend time with her in the afternoons, meanwhile find her a permanent home that will love her the way every animal deserves to be loved!  I am so relieved I don’t have to figure something out by tomorrow, but still hate to picture the poor girl petrified in a cage, far from home, with no idea what is happening to her.

I’ve had a dream since I was a kid, of making a life for myself that allowed my family and I to have a good size piece of land (preferably on a beach) where I could rescue dogs and give them a home where they could run and play and live so happy!  It is still a dream, always will be, and although I can’t take more in myself right now, cases like this are a completely different story.  Maybe I’m crazy… I probably am… but now I’m starting to think about how I can get involved in helping to rescue even now, with all else going on.  I know I have to be careful with my energy, but I can’t help myself… I make my parents change the channel if the news is on and there’s a story about abused animals or an abandoned dog in the trash.  Don’t be surprised if one day soon another tab pops up titled “Humane Society”…:)  In the very least, maybe I can try and help find the dogs their perfect home, and an owner their perfect dog!

Speaking of, Nanna still is looking! 🙂  She is a loving dog, I’ve been told, amazing with people, quiet when walking past other dogs and has only barked at a dog approaching her cage so far.  That can’t be judged based on her short time there, completely scared, in a strange environment! The Humane Society will 100% vet Nanna and others are willing to help with extra fees and transport needed.  They have had a couple offers/applications already thankfully, but I know they are wanting to make sure she has the perfect loving fit as she is such a sweet girl.  She is here on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, so if anyone is interested or knows anyone who would love a two year old female boxer mix, about 74 lbs… leave a comment below and I will give you contact info!  At least I know this story is no longer going to end with a dog losing her life! :).

I have to run to an extremely important medical test in ten minutes…sorry, bit off topic there :(.  I’m definitely nervous, but excited as well… they’ve been waiting for the medicine to administer the test for almost six weeks and without it are refusing to continue to look at any else any further.  As much as you never want anything to be wrong, when I know something is and the pain is beyond excruciating, all I can do is pray that this test pinpoints what we’ve been needing to find for the last four years.  To have an answer would be the greatest gift I could ask for… from there we could actually look for how to treat it!  Keep your fingers crossed everyone, I know mine are…

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  1. Jerry

    A great story Maria, you are a great writer with a great heart.
    But maybe you could make another post so as not to leave us hanging. : )

    What were the results of the important test? Was anything new learned?
    Also, what about Nanna? Did she find a good home?

    Thank you!

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