Dreams Can Come True!

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I’m kind of doing everything backwards right now… when it comes to catching you up on posts I mean! 😉 … But I also like that I CAN do that, because that’s the natural, laid back energy that I’ve always wanted (and always want) this website to be. 🙂  I get to be in the moment and freely post what is on my mind now, keeping things on here up to date with messages on my Facebook page as well.  Then, I’ll jump back and fill you in on the rest.  First though, for those of you who follow me on FB, you probably know that I was recently admitted to hospital… But I was only able to post messages via what I knew how to do on my phone.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to tell those of you who aren’t on FB what was happening.  So, that will be coming soon!  Right now, back to the moment… 🙂

You may have seen me mention this elsewhere among these pages… how Farrah Fawcett was my inspiration over 5 yrs ago, filming her documentary and showing the true reality of all she was going through, not allowing a thing to be hidden no matter how vulnerable she was.  Such a strong and beautiful woman. 🙂

The idea of a documentary to share my story was like an impossible dream, writing a book, the thing I could start on my own as we continued to see what life was going to bring with such an unknown future. I hadn’t a clue where to start though, so as you probably know, this website was meant to be a way to hopefully put things to good purpose without having to wait. It’s all taken a lot longer than I had imagined, but through the hard work I’ve been doing offline, a surreal dream has come true!

While on our RV trip end of July, my story got picked up by a production company, Susie Films, to be made into a theater quality documentary film! I’m still a little numb that the dream is a reality, and we’re still thinking on the decision about whether it’s to be a full length feature film or made for tv/public network (which means 56 mins), but it’s actually happening! Of course, it’s only in the beginning phase, where the first step (that will give an idea of timing) is the company beginning to get the funding together…as every documentary has to in the film industry. (I’ve obviously said I will help in any way that I can!)

The reason it has been so surreal and as exciting as it has, is because it was completely unexpected!  The owner/producer took me by surprise when he asked me how I felt about it and if I’d be interested!  I already thought it was a dream come true, that we’d been working together for over a year on an idea that I’d had a few years ago that would help others through design.  Getting to surprise my parents with help on our apt. would’ve been used as the first example 🙂 , the bonus being that it introduced my story in the process.  He truly made the impossible dream come true, of hoping my story can help in all the possible ways it can, by sharing the big picture… which then includes the design side as well.  (It may even help open doors later on, ones that make it easier to continue with what we’ve been working on.)

I don’t know how long it’s going to be for me to realize the dream is real. It took this long to announce it, and only after literally reconfirming to make sure I actually could…hehe.  I knew, if I was allowed to tell the world, then it had to be real! LoL

Farrah inspired me, my idol of beauty, strength and vulnerability… little did I know I was going to get to follow in her footsteps even closer than I imagined.  Follow your heart, go after your dreams, and don’t ever stop believing that anything is possible, as long as you do your best and continue to #persevere.  Sometimes, it may feel like your efforts failed, or you keep hitting road blocks you can’t seem to get over or around… when meanwhile, all your hard work is actually leading to doors and possibilities you don’t even know about 🙂 .

Dreams really can come true … or to quote one of my favorite “believers in magic” 😉 ~ Walt Disney


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