Footsteps In The Sand

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I wanted to post this as my Spirit Sunday entry … now that I’m so excited to learn about embedding Facebook posts!  Only the entry that I did get posted, didn’t turn out so easy after all. It all worked perfectly, at first, including the preview… but then, when I went and pushed “Publish”, the embedded FB post disappeared and became a link instead.  I had no idea what had happened!

If you’ve already signed up to receive my e-mail updates, I apologize if you ended up with a link saying “Post” where the embedded picture of water in the shape of a heart should have been.  (That even sounds more appealing and uplifting in your inbox, doesn’t it? )  I know my mum’s link took her to ESSpa’s FB page, but then another friends link did take her back to the corrected blog post.  So in case you didn’t see the embedded part that I shared from FB, just wanted to let you know you can now… just click here. 🙂

It ended up taking me two hours and about 13 publishes to finally get it right.  Every preview would work, but then the code would literally change with every publish.  Lets just say, this girl was NOT giving up… perseverance baby… and in the end, I did it.  I won the tech battle! YAY!   It’s definitely my Tech Tip Tuesday now. (Just as soon as I play with it one more time with this embed first. 😉 )

Footsteps In The Sand

This was my Facebook post from last Tuesday, and No, I didn’t yet video my first episode for my YouTube channel, but maybe that means the words about timing were simply meant for one week later. It doesn’t matter if I’m able to post my first video this week or not, it seems fit to share this now.  Top things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, if you had to narrow it down to one hand, this would truly be on that list. xo

I admit too, I am nervous…shy in a way…to start the video’s that I mention in the post.  (Not gonna lie .)  I wanted to start them when I was physically at more of a peak, not at my worst, not after the hardest year yet and my first 911 ambulance call.  But then I remembered why I was doing this in the first place and how Farrah Fawcett was one of my big inspirations, most of all because of how she shared even the worst, at her most vulnerable…because that was the truth that we all go through as humans.  I want you to feel safe and “at home” being yourself, which is why I need to feel safe and comfortable even at my very worst.

I also have to get use to talking to myself, in a room with only a camera! LoL… That is one of the hardest things. 🙂 It seriously feels so strange and silly when no one else is here!  But then I remind myself that I’m actually talking to all of you.  It’s you on the other side of the camera that I have to picture and hopefully it will help me relax and be myself. xo

(Fingers crossed I get this embedding part right this time 😉 )


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