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Happy Sunday Everyone! 🙂

I just realized what time it was and told myself, “I better stop what I was doing and get this posted, or I was going to use up my energy window trying to learn the next tech answers to finish the website, only to miss today’s update…and actually posting is the purpose of all of this!” I’ll seriously kick myself if that ends up happening ;).

This is a quick note anyway.  I just found out that Oprah & Deepak Chopra are having another Free 21 Day Meditation Experience, this time all about the Energy Of Attraction ~ How you already have everything you need within you to be able to connect with your true self and your inner creative power.  With that, you can begin to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of that is the best and most meaningful to you.

If you’re interested in learning how meditation can help you connect with your creative power, or if you already practice meditation but would love to take part in the guided experience with everyone, you can register at:

It starts November 3, 2014

I’ve practiced meditation for years now, different kinds, different ways and for different reasons… even coming up with my own meditations that I found would work best for what I personally needed.  I would create them from a mixture of all that I had learned and experienced.  I found that after doing this for a while, I was no longer listening to tapes or guided meditations, but simply going through my own as needed.  Oprah & Deepak’s last meditation experience reminded me how much fun and how relaxing it can be to push play and let someone else guide you on your journey :).  Kind of like how you can massage your own foot, but it’s never the same as having someone else give you a foot massage! Sometimes it’s nice to let go of everything, even thinking about your own meditation and relaxation…but instead close your eyes and simply listen as you follow the guidance of someone else.  (Just make sure you don’t fall asleep! LoL 😉 )

If anyone wants to join me, I’ll be there on the 3rd :)… and I’ll be checking back in, here on my blog, to share and see how the experience is going.  I’d love to hear if you are taking part and how it is changing your life each day… and any friends you want to share it with who you think might enjoy!

Wishing you inner peace, love and calmness… and a great week. xo


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  1. Patrick Ryan costello

    Ty Maria for your meditative spirit and for having a sincerely helpful approach toward other living beings. Blessings to your day

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