Happy May Day

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Maria always loved being in Hawaii on May Day.  May Day is truly lei day in Hawaii

Three days ago this sweet soul turned 37.  I am grateful for every moment I had with my beautiful daughter!

She would want to wish everyone a fragrant and beautiful day today and everyday Depositphotos_2856944_XXL-636x310.jpg

A message to you, beautiful Maria ~

“You have been the bright light of my life for the past 37 years!

Happy Birthday to a woman who continues to teach me each moment of each day.

We will celebrate you with joy, love, song and dance in Hawaii on July 31, when you merge with the ocean you dearly

love.  I am at peace. Your Bella is with you.”

                            You are not a drop

                                     in the ocean.

                                             You are the entire ocean,

                                                                  in a drop.


Peace and Blessings to everyone,

~Suzi ~ (precious Maria’s mum)

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