Happy Memorial Day!… Now That’s Family Love…

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I hope you all had a super duper Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I can’t say ours turned out quite as I had imagined, but you roll with the punches…

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Results of Friday afternoon in IR (interventional radiology), Presby Hospital UPMC.

After running a 99 range temp for a month now, I got the dreaded phone call Friday morning that changes your day from anything you had pictured when you first woke.  A blood culture had come back positive (the first those wks) and although no other symptoms of a line infection existed, we decided to play it safe.  My Picc line was switched out for a new one… This my friends has been my fellow companion for 6 solid yrs now, and 3 years on and off before that.  (Pre-transplant it was in my chest…the good ‘ol days when I got to swim every day and all I had still, was an injury playing somewhat of a domino effect…ahhh, ce la vie).

Results: 7 days of IV antibiotics 2hrs 2x/day, that have taken normal nausea and tripled it!  (God give me strength xo)

Side-Effects: A migraine over the weekend that then doubled that nausea! ay-ya-ya… Zofran may be my best friend each day, but it’s days like these that it feels more like a placebo.

All that aside, it was a beautiful weekend for sure!  One thing that helped get me through it, was knowing that my parents both got to get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun, even if I wasn’t tangibly with them.  Actually, dad was getting work done, but some was out in the garden at my investment property…and mum jumped on her bike and pedaled down to the Pirates game to sit by the river 🙂 .  We kept in touch via text and pics… and used the gift of imagination to make 3 way conversation the next best thing to actually being together!  It’s all what you make of it in the end, and I was so happy inside to picture mum stretched under the sunshine with families laughing around her having fun.


She sent me the picture above with the message “It may not be Waikiki, but people have the same fun.” 🙂  I know if I had the gift of feeling well, I would have been having a party down there and it would have seemed like the most beautiful beach in the world! xo

My heart gets fed when I know that something is feeding their heart as well…And in the back of my mind I told myself “one day soon we will get to spend time in the park ‘together’ again, and even if not at the park it’ll be our own apt. because we WILL get that rooftop deck renovated, so that we’ll all be able to enjoy the outdoors together, even right there from home”. 🙂  I won’t, and I can’t, stop believing…

I guess when Memorial Day came my parents were thinking the same way I was!  Not only did they decide they wanted to stay home with me, but they both decided they weren’t going to leave me feeling alone in any way, and instead decided they’d each get a fever of their own! lol  It became a family holiday at home turned sick bay.  Now that’s what I call Family Love!! 😉

To be serious for a second, dad was actually on the tail end of a fever he had from last week, so he became the caregiver of the girls dormitory (that’s what I told him) :).  Mum, on the other hand, had me worried.  I don’t know what happened, but her fever spiked almost 103 and then was gone by the very next day.  She thinks it may have been food poisoning or something… all I know is we made a great pair…trio actually (lol)…and then add Bella to the mix and the party really got started.  Poor baby, she’d stopped eating for two days, the same as my meds had started, only to be throwing up herself the night before.  If there’s any truth to an animal taking after their owner…someone should do a story on us!

My migraine was down, the nausea only back to being tripled again, haha… which thankfully is where its stayed, but with 6-16 hrs of IV’s a day, in addition to my medication pump, I’m so fluid overloaded and physically exhausted I’m not sure where these past five days have gone. I feel like my head is in a foggy cloud, not sure where I am, how I got here or where exactly I’m suppose to go…lol…but I made it this far, so somehow the end of the week will come.  And, no matter how disconnected or out of touch I feel, I’ll do my best to keep you posted even if it’s simply to pop in and say hi!

I’ll leave you with a great quote that came with the astrology and today’s Gemini New Moon ~

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”     -George Bernard Shaw

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  1. Nancy Jones

    Maria, you are amazing! I wish I was independently wealthy…I would love nothing more than to provide that roof for you! Hugs and love and know you and your mom and dad are loved and admired by many, especially me!

  2. Franni Ferrero

    You are my hero. Keep fighting the good fight, kiddo!

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