Happy Valentines! XO

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, well Valentines weekend I suppose, seeing that I’m a day late posting this.  It kind of fits when I think about it, seeing that I believe every day should be Valentine’s Day… in the sense that you shouldn’t have a specific day each year telling you when to celebrate the love you feel for another.  If you love someone then you should say it and show it when you genuinely feel the urge, when you see something that makes you think of them or because you’re watching them for no reason and suddenly they do something that makes you smile… a habit they have maybe that makes you think, out of nowhere, “I love that guy/girl”.  It’s when it’s least expected that it’s the most fun to hear… and gift wise, definitely the most exciting and meaningful a surprise!

At the end of the day love is all that matters. 

After feeling like I lost January to a state of tranquillized sleep walking, without being given any tranquilizers, I’m finally getting a few moments of time when I can actually get back online… and since the doctors have us coming to the hospital for infusions, almost every other day… yesterday one of them… I decided to simply make Valentines the entire month!  It took the stress off of having to have this posted yesterday, and instead, allows me to catch up on sharing some thoughts I’ve been waiting to post as well… most specifically, one from months ago, that my computer deleted before posting or getting to save it… one of my favorite entries that I’d put a good few hours into writing … “I Am Love”.  What better time than February, the month of love, to finally re-write it!

All that’s happening reminded me of one part of it, something I had told dad once about how, no matter what happens and no matter what they do to me… the one thing they can never take away, is my ability to LOVE! Until the day I die, even to my last breath, I can still LOVE.  That’s a choice we all get to make and it begins in the heart, so even if I can’t move a finger one day, I can still choose not to lose who I am inside, I can love all that is good and beautiful around me…and share that love with my family and friends and any others whose path I may cross.  I know I will go with happiness in my heart by living in the moment, no matter how much heartbreak and sadness there may have been and may even continue to be.

Remember to love yourself the way you would your own best friend.  It’s you who is the most important relationship you’re going to have throughout your life, considering that you’re the one person who you’ll be living with always, through the ups and downs, for every second of your life.  The more you love yourself, the more you can love another… and the more you can allow another to then love you. 

It reminds me of one of my favorite song lyrics and/or quotes…(personally love the Moulin Rouge version, w/ Nicole Kidman and Ewing McGregor, sung by the cast – chicken skin for real!).

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is how to love, and be loved in return.” 

I can feel myself getting drowsy, now that we are more than a few hours into my 2nd 20 hour infusion of TPN, since my last lasix treatment to help the fluid overload.  Time to bring this blog to a close so I can at least get it posted before I doze off!

I know there’s a way I can post fun, quick updates from my phone, by sending them as an email… something I’m going to figure out this week so I can post from the hospital, or even the car, the same as I would on my Facebook timeline.  It’ll be so fun to be able to share with ease, so I can keep in touch through things, despite the energy and time limited challenges. Yay! 

For now, Happy Valentines to you all .  I hope you had a weekend filled with love, whether celebrating with another or simply remembering to love and celebrate the beautiful, wonderful person that you are!

Sending all my love to each and every one of you, wrapped in a big hug!  Please continue to spread the love on…hopefully that feel good warmth and happiness, that is often a result left behind, will only become contagious… causing others to spread the love forward as well. xo

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