How to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Website or Blog

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It’s Tech Tip Tuesday Again!

As much as I could simply tell you how to “Embed” a Facebook post onto your website or blog myself, this tip also became a BIG tip on how to make sure you don’t have any trouble when you hit the “Publish” button!  If you don’t know this about Design To Live already, I’m not only here to share my story in hopes of helping others… from my own experience, passion and what knowledge it has taught me… But I’m here to share the best knowledge and expert advice I come across during my personal trouble shooting and hours of problem solving!

After the troubles I had on Sunday, that I wrote about in my last “Footsteps In The Sand” entry, there were many sites that walked you through the simple steps of “How to Embed a Facebook Post”, all pretty much the same… but the following stood out above the rest for me, when it was the awesome winner that solved my two-hour dilemma!  Thank you Kelly!

My solution was found in the Notes and Tips section of her post ~ “If you are having trouble embedding a post on your WordPress blog, try adding the code right before you save/publish your post — before switching back to the “Visual” view in WordPress.”  ….. And it did the trick.  Every time I would switch back to the “Visual”, the code literally changed itself.  Like I said, I could share the “how to” and this one trouble shooting tip myself, but I can only help as far as my own trouble shooting has taken me.  Kelly’s post has several other tips that I hope can help with advice and/or problems I wouldn’t even have a clue about. 😉  All that’s left to do now is to start having fun sharing those inspiring posts of yours, and of others, on your website! xo

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Website or Blog – Digital K Social Media and Website Services.

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