How To Meditate ~ Brendon Burchard’s “Release Meditation Technique”

Brendon hits it on the head when he says there are books after books about how great meditation is and the proof of its positive effect, yet not many places where you can find a simple example of how to actually meditate yourself.  Now that I think of it, as I started watching this video I found myself thinking about how many times I had that same thought just this year, as well as how little anyone even explains “what” meditation really is.

This is the first video or article that I have come across that is the closest to what I actually did in the past, and what I still do now, after making some personal changes of my own over time.  That’s why I want to share this clip with you today, until I get a chance to write my entry soon.  No point in waiting, when Brendon’s starting point is so close to what I was going to share myself, yet something you can begin NOW!

My parents have meditated since before I was born, so naturally, I wanted to do what they did as soon as I was big enough to tell them so… and of course, to do so as well. LOL The thing was, I didn’t know what they were even doing, other than that they were staying very still and quiet, with their eyes closed. 🙂  They followed a spiritual path from India, (still do), where you are given specific names upon initiation that you repeat as your meditation, so I never realized you could meditate (back then I meant truly meditate) if you didn’t know those names. Remember, I was only 3 or so at the time  … but to make me happy, I was told to repeat another phrase, it was 2 words, as practice until I was old enough.

Later on, when I was a little older, my dad and I would play games while traveling on the train in India for 3 days… one being “who could stay still the longest while making the other laugh first”, and I’d use that to concentrate then too, lol… I never knew until I was older that I had been meditating since I was 3 or 4 years old!

I will definitely share my favorite ways of how to meditate soon, but until then, this is one of my favorite finds so far for its simplicity and overall result. I personally don’t like the meditations that bring in long expanded phrases and lots of soundtracks that change throughout it.  Like Brendon I like pure silence now, but I did start out enjoying one good soundtrack… consisting of a single musical piece… which is another similarity that makes this is a great starting point for anyone who is looking for a little guidance 🙂 . Enjoy! 


Oh, one more thing!  If you find you want to play with it a bit, Design It, to fit you and your needs for the day… you can always change the word around to something that is more specific to your life now, something you may need to work on or that has been overwhelming you. 🙂  Try it out, play with it, see what feels right to you and have fun.  You’ll know what is best and find what works for you… and hopefully, you’ll even let me know how you find your experiences affect your day.  I hope it helps make you feel good and happy inside! xo

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