Hugged By An Angel

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…That’s what this next little story felt like :).  Don’t underestimate the power of a single word or act, a small gesture or gift of kindness…to someone else it can mean the entire world!

About a year ago, between medications, IV’s and fluid retention, my eyes had so much swelling and puffiness it often felt like they were disappearing into my face.  It’s been that way going on five years now, some mornings so bad they take on the appearance of water blisters under and even above the eyes, similar to those I remember getting on my feet before they would pop when I was younger.  With such blonde light eyelashes and never enough energy for make-up, I kept thinking how fun it would be to be able to afford lash extensions, that seemed to be the new thing instead of tinting…but no way was I gonna think about paying $150-$200 to get them on, simply to have them fall off in a month or so, unless I paid for refills.


Whoever woke up one morning and thought of “Groupons”, sure woke up on the right side of the bed!  One came out for a full set of lash extensions plus one refill ~ $69…SOLD! 🙂  How could I go wrong with that?…If anything I was going to have a little fun batting my lashes for not one, but at least two months before deciding the refills were more than I could afford, and I’d at least find out if it was worth it.

It took 60-90 mins, and physically I felt the same… I mean, it may be a spa like environment, but obviously it isn’t quite the same as a massage or a facial, where the time is spent relieving pain and giving comfort (no matter how short lived)… however, this was a perfect example of how important mental and emotional comfort is, along with the physical, in health and healing.  Tired, eyes burning a bit from sensitivity, I was thinking to myself at least the hard part was over and I was happy I had tried it and had a little fun.  It was when I looked in the mirror that I realized the corners of my mouth were turning up and there was a little tingle in my heart and I almost felt a shy blushing like feeling, when you can’t stop smiling, as I said out loud “OMG, I have eyes again!” lol… but the uncontrolled smiles were because I suddenly felt feminine again.  It didn’t matter that I felt swollen and tired and a little queazy inside, my eyes looked pretty and they reminded me that I was still a girl underneath all that was going on. 🙂  I was hooked!  It became the little special something I did for myself, a refill every 5 weeks, that no matter how exhausted I was… even if all I could do was roll out of bed… they were already there, helping me feel a little more beautiful on the outside no matter how much I was falling apart! 🙂  Medicine for the heart…

A couple of weeks ago, Julia, the lady who does my lashes, told another client a little about me… I guess how the lashes make me feel etc.  I think she went home and read a little more about my story herself, from what I had posted on the site so far, but however the events went, she ended up going back and telling Julia she wanted to buy me my next set of refills as a gift!  She wanted me to feel “pretty”. 🙂  What she didn’t know, was at the time the text came, I had been going through a hard patch for over a week already, with migraines, extra nausea, exhaustion and the emotions that go with it… worrying that it was a preview of what was to come with the changing seasons.  In addition to that, I hadn’t booked my refill this time as finances were even tighter than usual and I had to prioritize what was really needed first… in this case anything that gets me into my apartment, as that will help prevent the increased physical symptoms as well.  So sitting there at home, just me and Bella, it literally felt like I was being wrapped in a big warm hug all the way across the city.  “Hugged By An Angel”… 🙂 xo


I don’t know her name or how to reach her, but… to the newest angel in my life, if you happen to be reading this, Thank You!  You filled my heart and put a smile on my face when a little extra strength and love was exactly what I needed.  It meant much more to me than a simple set of lashes, it was the act of kindness and support that filled me with tears of appreciation.  In that moment, I wasn’t alone :)…  


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  1. Jerry

    Very Sweet!

  2. Nancy Jones

    What a lovely story and a lovely lady! I am so happy for you. Maria, you are a beautiful person who deserves only the best!

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