I Am Fulfilled

I Am Fulfilled

Hey there! 🙂  So I’m doing a bit of blog shuffling at the moment, but I want you to be able to listen to the free meditation that goes with this affirmation if you decide you want to.  If you are on my Facebook at all you will know that there are other affirmations and meditations that come before this in the series, which Blog entries I am currently working on, but the audio meditations for those are no longer available. So, I’m jumping forward an entry to share this while I have the chance.

“I Am Fulfilled”

This is the affirmation that I took from Day 21 of Oprah & Deepak’s 21 Day Free Meditation Experience…the centering thought of the day, “I walk in the light of my fulfillment”.

I only actually learned about this event at the tail end of it, so I haven’t listened to several of the meditations myself… but each one is available for 5 days that follow it, so if you sign up today you can still treat yourself to two of the relaxing escapes. (Better than none!) I’ll come back to the two affirmations I have without the meditations next, the written message still worth sharing :).

The message shared in this meditation made me think of one of my favorite, and first, books I read when my health problems got serious enough that I finally had to leave school…#TheCelestineProphecy…The idea of sharing positive energy and how the cycle between givers makes the energy grow. I think I was turning 19…

Anyway, today’s message is about coming to the end of their 21 Day Meditation series and hoping you are left feeling fulfilled and happy. By feeling that inner happiness you end up projecting and sharing it with the outer world. When you read the affirmation and message that would have gone with yesterday’s meditation…now being posted in a couple of days ;)…in the same way that you can make others calm when you are truly calm inside… if happy, you spread happiness. If you are fulfilled and happy by the meditation experience, and then given a chance to see the positive effect that that happiness has on others, it in turn increases your inner happiness again. It becomes an endless, positive cycle that goes on and on. In this case spreading happiness while continuing to fill your heart at the same time.

I have to say, it sounds pretty awesome to be able to share happiness and make a positive difference in the world simply by being yourself! And then it continues from there, without doing anything, because each person you have had an effect on in turn radiates their happiness onto those they interact with after you…and so the cycle continues . I may have taken my thoughts a little further than what the meditation is about, oops ;)… but really it’s the same idea. I just got taken back to the book and the idea of energy in general. It’s really a fun read if you haven’t read it yet. xo

Enjoy your meditation if you choose to treat yourself to an escape! Simply click the following link and it will walk you through the sign up process to get access to the last two available. You are able to watch the final one (which is a bonus actually) now…but I’ll be sharing it with an affirmation tomorrow as well :).  I believe it’s available for one more day.

Until then… xo


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  1. Franni Ferrero

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well. I owe you a message regarding your message! Sorry for the delay…been a crazy, busy summer in Mammoth. Hi to your Dad.

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