I Am Not My Body

Today, it’s DOUBLE FEATURE day!  Two Blog topics in one… Before anything, don’t think I forgot…


I found this fun… and informative A blog post I recently came across that is more of a social media resource than tech, perfect for those of you who might be ready to Launch your business or personal website, who might be promoting a fundraiser or a 501c3, or who may be using Facebook as the sole means to share your message with the world.  No matter your goal, I think it’s safe to say that we all have the same dream outcome… to get the most out of each one of our posts.  Am I right!? 😉  Each of you may have a different idea of what success is, but somewhere within that picture there’s likely to be Likes, Follows, Comments and Shares…

The following article shares a few simple statistics from “What Time Of The Day You Post”, to “The Number Of Pictures vs. Plain Text”… and discusses how little changes can make BIG differences in the % of views, likes and shares, as well as community interaction… without it taking any extra work on your part.  Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? 🙂

7 Powerful Facebook Statistics You Should Know for a More Engaging Facebook Page – The Buffer Blog.

I know I’ll be reading over it again and playing with some of the “tricks” myself… curious to see if the changes really help, as I work to share the new Facebook page for Design To Live :).  I’ll let you know how it goes!  If you already have a FB Page, and have had experience with things working better over others… and if you’re open to sharing any of those patterns of success that you discovered… I’d love to hear about them, as well as any of the failures, that you may have had on your journey?  And, if you try the tips from the Link above, I’d love to hear if you notice any changes on your page as well!  Did one of them have better success above all the others? Leave a comment in the thread below! 🙂

Moving on to Part 2… I actually used the design website CANVA, that I introduced as last weeks Tech Tip Tuesday, to create the picture below.  Still far behind on my Blog posts… some of you may recognize it from my FB post last week. 🙂  I decided I’d rather share a shorter post than I had planned, making this a fun Double Feature, than wait as more time passes until I have the ability to do it “just right”.  When life changes, however that may be… in this case physically and the result of that physical on energy, doctors appt’s, medication changes, side effects of those changes, and the list goes on!…it’s important to adjust to those changes each day.  Living in the now and doing what I can, at least posting a shortened version allows me to share something with you which is better than nothing at all. xo


I Am Not My Body


“We Are Not Our Bodies”.  If suffering from an illness, “I Am Not My Body” is another way of saying “I Am Not My Illness”.

I learned the importance of this early on in my journey, something I am beyond grateful for. You can do all you can to help heal yourself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically (in terms of diet, exercise etc)… but there are often physical elements that are out of your control.  This is when you have to remember that you are not your body and no matter what happens you have the power to choose whether or not you let things change who you are inside. 

I always find myself thinking of movies again, this time “The Horse Whisperer”, and Robert Redford’s line to the lead young girl who lost her leg.  His words were close to, “Don’t let it take you to that place that you can’t come back from.”.  By recognizing that you aren’t your illness, this becomes much easier to do.  Be strong and choose to love yourself. Thank your body for fighting the same fight that you do every day and for standing by you… and don’t let your physical injury or illness control your life.

You Are Not Your Body! Tweak your dreams, follow your heart and keep living your life within your limitations. With fun and creativity, you can fill your heart and find your happiness every day. What better way to help yourself heal or to stay healthy and practice preventive medicine if you are already strong.  Wishing a loving and healing week to you all…You and your bodies! 🙂


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