I have not posted on this site of Maria’s in way too long! She worked so hard to secure the name, Design To Live, that I’m certain I must continue in some form to keep postings up. This is Maria’s site, so I feel I must honor her dreams and wishes. I’ll do my best. She has left so many notes, journals, etc., and it continually increases my joy and gratitude in being her mum! I heard this statement a couple of days ago on the radio and I actually stopped and wrote it down. “It’s not happiness that makes us grateful. It’s gratefulness that makes us happy”. It was so profound to me. A year ago, right about now, I realized my precious most amazing daughter was at a point of departing this physical place very soon. Within hours of my sharing that with my dearest friend, and Maria’s dearest friends, they were all texting and booking tickets to Pittsburgh. No words are adequate for my gratefulness to have Tia, and those 9 young, beautiful amazing friends of Maria’s drop their personal, professional and family lives for 3-5 days! They came from around the country and Europe to be with Maria and to support me. They were so present, joyful and loving. There was music, laughter, chanting, eating, lots of tears and so much kokua (loving help) for me! I am grateful. Maria wanted me to be happy, I am happy. So, perhaps she orchestrated so much for me to be grateful for that happiness is a given? Hmmmmm…that would not surprise me! It’s a lovely thought and a lovely place for me to be as the year near begins. The article from the MidPac Today, posted by Sachie, is a perfect example of the kind of friends Maria was blessed to have at MidPac in Hawai’i. Mahalo to all of you, and to all of her New Zealand friends, and Pittsburgh friends, who continually give “likes” and comments on her Facebook. It is healing to me to feel your love of Maria! She for sure was a “Force”. Peace, Love and Blessings for 2017. ~Suzi (I love this picture of Maria leaping into the sky. She is at peace.)

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