I prayed for Ellen and the TV Cousins…

“A&E is filming outside my house!  I prayed for Ellen and the TV Cousins and got a serial killer instead! lol”  I did add (new series) to that comment to help it make sense 🙂

That was my tweet of the day last Monday, couldn’t resist sending it to Ellen and the TV Cousins (on HGTV), who have been my two biggest dreams… Ellen for years, HGTV from the moment we actually had a place that they could come to, and specifically the Cousins with HGTV who I kept wishing did more than just Kitchens since their first season on air.  A&E is filming a new series in Pittsburgh called “Those Who Kill”, based off of a Danish crime series about a female detective and a forensic psychiatrist who team up to investigate serial killers!  Apparently it has a pretty dark theme, but a really good cast… starring Chloe Sevigny and James D’Arcy.

I got a RT and response from the Cousins asking, “Close second?”… It’s always fun to hear back! 🙂  I had to laugh and tell them it was “A fun second! but nothing comes close to the dream of John, Anthony and Ellen! Still hoping and dreaming!” (Ellen actually has a category to win a makeover with the Cousins right now…it was like someone had gone into my head and literally pulled out my ultimate dream, taking my two biggest dreams only then sticking them together)

Ellen has been an inspiration and positive part of my life since before her show began… but I have loved that single hour every day after it started, that I was guaranteed an escape from reality no matter what I was going through, and where I always felt at home.  It’s her heart and spirit and the energy of always seeing the bright side of things, always finding a way to laugh and play with everything… but at the same time, she understands and honors the human heart and the reality and tears that come with it.  Healing can only come from love, kindness, laughter and positive thinking… you have to believe in the good in life and have faith that anything is possible and that there are wonderful people out there no matter how many may hurt or betray you.  You can’t ever give up!  Ellen never left me feeling alone even when I was, she helped me find the strength to keep going, to believe that there were other good people out there who were honest, kind, believed in each other and wanted to help others.  I’ve always dreamed that she would be the one I got to share my story with.  If there is one person who might understand my true intent behind it, my hopes and goals of finding purpose to my life and turning all of this pain into something good, by finding a way to possibly help others with it, who better than Ellen :).  In the very least I could thank her for all the smiles and hopefully help pass some smiles on to others… most of all let everyone know you are never completely alone, no matter how much you may feel that way.  (Of course, her finding me is going to be even harder than finding a needle in a haystack!… MORE LIKE FINDING ONE SPECIFIC GRAIN OF SAND IN A DESERT! lol… but I have to at least try). 🙂

As for the TV Cousins!…They quickly moved to the top of my list of HGTV favorites, not just for design style, but because of their big genuine hearts!  I loved their sense of family and how real they were on the show, like the camera’s were following them on any normal day, not like they were becoming someone for the camera.  When they did episodes that helped people in need, the happiness that came across their faces and the efforts they put into the sentimental parts of their design, made me start to wish they did more than just kitchens, dreaming that they could be part of a makeover of our home if that dream ever did come true!  I told my parents their hearts seemed real and genuine like Ellen’s… and not long after that Ellen was using them for surprise makeover’s on her show!  When they went on to start Cousins On Call in the New Year, and makeover all areas of the home, my efforts to share our story with them and try to surprise my parents if possible began.

This is reminding me of so many things I have wanted to share as this year has passed by… blog entries I literally started and never finished, ones I would write in my head almost every day, wishing I had this site up and running as I have envisioned for so long… I’d finally be able to be more interactive with the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, and the fun random things just to laugh and smile about. 🙂  Then when I tweet something like above, it would actually make sense, with nothing more! lol   The tweet did cause some good laughs in the house though… and I love to see my parents laugh.

From my entry last weekend, you could say that filming on our block over the weekend and through early Tuesday morning, was a fun and good distraction from all I was feeling.  My neighbor and I ended up out on our stoops until 2:00 am that final day, mum even stayed up until 1:00, as they finally brought the set outside for more than a car shot.  As much as it was exciting to have a serial killer being investigated on my street, especially with my love for film and television, no matter how fun it may be, there is no way it could come close to the excitement and awe of  two dreams being brought together… the ultimate dream of Ellen and the TV Cousins showing up at my door!  Maybe they’re just getting the street warmed up… 😉

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