Last Minute Christmas!


So much for getting content up on a regular basis. 🙂  Sadly, my migraine turn low grade fever, became a headache that is now in its 12th day of rolling in and out.  Catching up on my posts didn’t turn out as successful as I had hoped, but maybe I can at least start the New Year out on the right track by sharing our unexpected Christmas!

I’m no stranger to the survival tool of “accept and adapt”… After working so hard this year, to finally accomplish the dream of celebrating the holidays in our new home, where we could have a tree and friends and create the true ambiance of Christmas all around us… the love, laughter and happiness I was so looking forward to as that is the part of life I can still take part in… it was definitely disappointing when we had to accept that we weren’t going to finish for the 3rd time round. 🙁

So, I allowed myself to acknowledge my disappointment… because lets face it, we’re all human, we are going to be sad and feel emotion and it’s important to let yourself feel whatever it is you are feeling as part of loving yourself.  If you don’t it will eat you up from the inside out and what comes next won’t be possible.  Instead…ok, we weren’t moved in, acceptance… but I knew this year I had to do something to feel the spirit of Christmas, so it was time to adapt. 🙂

It was ten days before Christmas and the awesome throw carpet I ordered for the main room had just arrived!  At first, I told dad how fun I thought it would be to transform just the downstairs… a tree, lights, candles, the full homey vision and then bring our tv and dvd down so we could invite a small group of friends over for a Christmas movie night… games, drinks, treats and a xmas flick!

IMG_0830 IMG_0920












It was a fun idea to dream up, but once thought through, I realized we wouldn’t be able to do it before Christmas Eve or later, and it’s just not the same after Christmas… fun, but lets face it, there’s something special about the spirit and energy before Santa comes ;).  I also figured everyone would be with family for the 24th and 25th, so dad and I had fun playing with the idea, and then I let it go.

I was fine with everything, happy actually, we were decorating our windows with lights and mini arrangements and were spending Christmas as a family :).  My new idea was for dad to find out if we could volunteer at the North Side Food Pantry early Christmas Eve, where we could be part of sharing the spirit of family and Christmas with others as well… then coming home for movie night.  It sounded fun to me and just when I thought the plan was set, I got a text from my friend who I’d been told was out of town.  She was back, and spending the holidays with another friend of ours.  She wanted to know if they could spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with us?… Things were about to become interesting! 😉

I told her my idea for Christmas Eve… ran it by Dad… and the plan was a go!  With 5 days left ‘til Christmas Eve, this was about to be the quickest holiday makeover I’d ever had 🙂 and when my migraine hit full force the next day, five days became four!  I was so afraid a repeat of last year was going to make it impossible, but thank God for low grade fevers! lol… I was at least able to function and the tree shopping began!  I swear we even had Santa’s elves on our side, working magic in the store to make the prices feasible ;).

We went in with all the ad’s saying pre-lit trees 50% off and showing prices from $99-$199… not what we found when we arrived at all.  Everything was 30% off and the lowest 7‘ tree was about$199 up to $399 or more!  No wonder we hadn’t done Christmas the last two years!  Finally I looked at dad and said, “Here ya go, it’s a Charlie Brown Christmas Papaji :)”, and lifted a little $25 one ready to go.  I laughed and told dad, it didn’t matter, we weren’t going to pay hundreds of dollars for one night and the next day.  We could easily put extra lights around and maybe a cool light hanging… then we looked at shorter trees to put up on a table, but even the full ones at 4 1/2‘ were running $150-$200 which seemed crazy to me.  That’s when I asked if they had any of the sale trees I had seen advertised.  The two people working were so sweet, one obviously the manager, as she was telling us the best price she could give on a certain tree that had no lights, but was the last they had.  Then, Dad and I saw one that was 7‘ tall with nothing but white lights.  It was priced $189, as it was one of the lower to mid quality “fakes”, so we figure no harm in asking what the best price on this could be.  What we didn’t notice was the string of lights out in the middle, but the young man did :)… The manager thinks a little while, tells us we’d have to buy a box of lights to replace them ourselves ($10) and then says, “I could give it to you for $99”.  What?! SMILE! Dad and I look at each other like “duh…YES!”.  They even filled my arms with the snow from the floor and we loaded up the car with what was my first full size green tree since transplant over 9 yrs ago :).  When something is meant to be, you don’t have to force it to make it happen.

Sunday we got the lights and tree up… the best part being, as soon as we unravelled the dead string in the middle and they dropped to the floor, they all lit up fully functional! Ha!  After tightening the bulbs we simply had to re-wrap them instead of disconnecting and stringing the new set.  See, Santa’s elves were somewhere in that store, playing pranks on our behalf…













Workers were back on Monday to do some things upstairs and Tuesday we finished the final makeover for what was the best Christmas Eve I’ve had in years! 🙂  We fit 9 people in the new space and played Heads Up from the Ellen Show before watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” stretched out on the floor… One of my favorites… who could ask for anything more?














It was the perfect preview of what to look forward to, being able to have friends over for movies or games any time we like!  The only bad part of the night was having to see it end, but one day soon we’ll get to walk up those stairs and climb into bed as well… and then the dream will be real :)… For now it was the perfect cozy Christmas Eve. xo

It's A Wonderful Life
It’s A Wonderful Life


You know it's home when slumber comes easily ;)
You know it’s home when slumber comes easily 😉

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  1. Jerry

    What a beautiful Christmas story! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    You are such a great writer.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Nancy Jones

    What a wonderful Christmas gift for you! The place looks amazing! Will have to come and see it soon!

  3. Mark Sigman

    You sure know how to have a good time!! Miss you tooooo much.

  4. Kauakea

    Love the photos ! So warm and inviting! Happy for you. 🙂

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