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When mum suddenly paused and closed our conversation Monday morning with the words, “You’re Living Out Loud…”, it was like this lightning bolt hit me sending chills that gave literal chicken skin through my body! Have you ever experienced that moment when things seem to go quiet and still, nothing but a warm feeling of simple “happiness” spreading through your veins, and you know something “fits”? A smile grew as I looked at her, the only words I could say being “I love that…it’s… omg, I love that!”. lol

I wrote my post on Facebook, still having blog to email list “update” tech problems, but now I get to share it where I planned to for you who don’t have FB as well! Fingers crossed I got it working right…I guess this will be the test drive 😉 .  If all works, (and you’ve already signed up), you should have viewed the start of this as an e-mail in your inbox and must have chosen to click “read more”.  Yay! Good choice, hehe.;)  If I could ask you to do me one favor… before you leave this page, can you leave a quick comment and let me know how things worked for you tech wise? The ease of signing up, receiving your welcome letter and most important… are you now getting your e-mail updates?!  Your feedback will help me make this the best site for you to enjoy as well 🙂 …Thank You!

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Facebook Post June 24, 2014 (and a little extra)

This quote could not have come at a more perfect time. In fact it almost gave me chills how in tune with conversations of the day it was! I was planning to post a line I loved of Julia Robert’s, from a movie we watched this weekend: Her line, “I heard you had a big mouth”. His reply something like “What? Is a big mouth the cause of this “cancer” that’s going to kill me?”, to which she replied, “NO, It’s the cure.” That was the part I loved. She knew it was his voice (and obnoxious force of it) that was actually needed to get something done and for help to come.

Yesterday, mum’s in brushing her teeth with me, and somehow we get on the topic of how hard it is for me to no longer be able to have my actions in life speak for me…for my heart and who I am, since physically my health won’t allow it. It’s been one of the hardest adjustments for me actually, being someone who never really liked to talk about myself or what I was doing, but instead just do it. (My plugin for Nike, hehe) It was really a safe way never to let anyone down as well, if something didn’t succeed as I’d hoped or maybe I didn’t do things exactly as I’d planned, I hadn’t promised any expectations. To let actions speak louder than words meant I couldn’t disappoint and if I did talk it was only when I knew I could follow through, and if anything hopefully even over deliver. 🙂

I’ve never liked to say I’m going to do something and then not do it, which makes unpredictable health very hard for planning things.  I had to teach myself that those who knew me and cared about me would understand the true circumstances I live with every day, so if I make a plan, it would be under the understanding that I may have to cancel when the time comes but that it wouldn’t be by choice of my own.  My heart still longs to be there (in fact I’m probably home worrying that I’m letting everyone down. lol).  I tell myself to have compassion for myself, that it is important NOT to close myself away simply because no plans means I can’t let others down.  It’s important to find the balance and if someone doesn’t understand, that’s their problem not yours.  Still, like most things it’s always easier said than done 😉 .  Does anyone else have any unpredictable health challenges, that hold them back from making plans that their heart might otherwise say yes too?  What are your fears?  What kinds of things have you done to work through them, to find your courage and balance? (I’d love you to share in the comments below)

Actions do speak louder than words, but what do you do when you can’t take those actions, when life has made it physically impossible for you to show the world your thoughts, feelings, dreams… who you are on the inside? Mum looked at me and said… her exact words, no joke… “You’re Living Out Loud.” When she said it, I loved it! It fit so perfect…like confirmation to continue finding my courage to write… to use my voice now as the one way I have to share who I am.

And then this quote came, Ha! I couldn’t believe it when I read it, a day late I might add… Yes, I’ve been nervous to finally announce my website and blog …(though truly excited most of all)… Hmm, do ya think maybe there could be a hidden message here? 😉  I know I’m going to use it as encouragement and strength to keep moving forward.

I’ll be announcing the site separately, but if any of you want to join and start having fun with me now…you know nothing would make me happier! It’s about you deserving to find your happiness every day as well…and what better time to start. xo

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  1. Nancy Jones

    Everything worked fine for me…hugs to you and your mom! (and dad, too) Keep living out loud!

  2. Zözö

    All systems go for me!

  3. Maria

    Thanks for letting me know! Sorry it still took so long to respond. I concentrated on figuring out FB more first, where I at least know I have some eyes I can start telling about the site, now that I’m ready to start sharing it :). I’ve spent enough time there though, most important is getting back here and starting to get my content up to share with all of you! It will be coming to you soon and more consistently…and as I figure it out the rest will come together and the website will slowly be able to “speak for itself”. It can then show all I’ve been waiting to do and looking forward to. (The simple version I can afford of course DIY, web design can cost! hehe) Letting it talk is much easier than explaining what is coming or simply doing nothing yet at all…and at least it’s a step forward. 🙂 I hope it becomes a happy place for you to come visit!

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