Mele Kalikimaka!

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It’s the day before Christmas and I am about four blog posts behind!  Go figure… I was about to finish a “flash back” entry, when I started to feel the triggers of a headache and sure enough woke Friday with a migraine so bad even to text was nauseating.  On top of that we had just decided we were going to throw together a last minute Christmas after all! 🙂  All I could think was “please, don’t let this be a 7 day flatten like last Christmas…not now!”.  Well, it turned into a low grade fever over the weekend, which was actually lucky… with it now a headache rolling in and out I was able to do things at a turtles pace to at least start the “one night Christmas Makeover”, praying that I would be well enough to celebrate our Christmas Eve movie night.

I’m so happy things worked out!  That said, I woke at 4 am with a killer migraine again :(… luckily, after using what tricks I have up my sleeve, it came down to a level between a headache and a migraine as I started my day.  The downside of something being untreatable.  So tonight I will be there with bells on :), though I hope I’ll be able to do more than rest with eyes closed from the pain.

As I work to catch up on the posts… including pics of our mini makeover as we finish the final touches :)… I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas hawaiian style!  May you all have a wonderful holiday with friends, family and loved ones, or even strangers…most of all, enjoy the spirit of the season and the joy of giving, of love and happiness… and believing that anything is possible in a world where people still come together to help one another out of kindness and goodwill.


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  1. Nancy Jones

    Merry Christmas to you and your mom and dad!

  2. Jerry

    Merry Christmas hugs to you and your mom and dad!

  3. Michael Spencer

    Dearest Maria…sending Christmas wishes and hugs your way. Miss you very much.

  4. Maria

    Miss you too stranger!!! You are always in my thoughts, near and dear to my heart… Time may have passed, but no matter what, when we do see each other again you will feel as close to me as if we had just seen each other yesterday :). Don’t ever feel like time passing creates a distance ok, our door is always open (well, not much room to invite you in yet, but in the apt we are hard at work on there soon will be! 😉 xo). LOVE YOU!

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