Merry Christmas! ~ Now Happy Boxing Day!

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…or back home in New Zealand…

Happy Boxing Day! 

I started this yesterday, meaning for it to be a Throwback Thursday (#TBT) of last years Christmas… but since I didn’t get it posted (or even finished) on time, I thought why don’t we make it a fun #FlashbackFriday instead!

I found myself smiling back on Christmas 2013 a lot this year, as I slept under the Christmas tree lights…

...the Lights
…the Lights













…and as my parents and I watched “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve… the same as we did last year for our “Last Minute Christmas!”.  A year ago I had the strength and energy to feel the spirit of Christmas and to want to create the ambiance as best we could, but still with no space to have friends or family to come celebrate… nowhere to put a tree, have a party, watch a movie and so on.  We got our renovation done enough that we transformed the first floor loft area for one night, click above to read the flashback.  It was the first time in years we had a tree even, let alone watched my favorite movie with friends!  I also remember what I wished for when the night was over and everyone had gone home… because we still had to go home too!

I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait until I could simply walk upstairs at the end of an awesome night like that, up to my bedroom to climb into bed for a healing sleep 🙂 .  “Next Year”, I thought… “I hope next year, that we will at last have a home to have everyone over like tonight…but completed enough that we are moved in as well, that I can go upstairs when it’s over, and that the ambiance of the season will get to exist before and after the party, not just one night, where we even have to leave our own home!”.  

I never expected this recent hospital 911 and the physical medical set back that has changed everything since September!  It didn’t even feel like Christmas this year.  To be perfectly honest, it snuck up on me as if there was no December between Thanksgiving.  What surprised me most, is that I didn’t care.  I was so exhausted from everything, that it was only “mentally” that I felt sad… it was the knowing that I didn’t have the strength to feel the excitement of the season, or to even think about celebrating with friends, that bummed me out.  And ironically, this year we had the space to celebrate and do it all… that is, if I had the strength to set up still.

Now, just to clarify on that last bit, we have the space downstairs… but with the set back, even the renovation has been held up again.  We are still what I like to call, luxury style camping 😉 … with me downstairs, and dad staying in my room, while we work to finish the upstairs shared bath and the stairway “safety”.  Until mum and I can move upstairs, there isn’t anywhere to have friends and family over, not where I can simply lay on the couch and watch those I love laugh and have fun… and THAT has been my wish… to be able to partake in that happiness if an unexpected crash ever left me in the weakened state I’m in now.  It happened to soon! 🙁

Anyway, to get back on track… Christmas Eve came, and although I didn’t get my dream (yet again), of having a home for friends and family to celebrate the holidays with us… I found my parents and I having a very sweet evening in our new pad.  We watched the “I Love Lucy” Christmas Special ~ And those who know me know how much I LOVE “I Love Lucy”! Hehe  After that I fell asleep, thanks to the help of my 16 hr IV, to my favorite Christmas Movie mentioned above.

I don’t think I would be able to go through all the hospital, and home hospital stuff, the chaos that has been added to our every day life, if I didn’t have the comfort of our new Apt. to go through it in.  For that I am so grateful!  I may not have been able to have everyone here for the holidays, but I was lucky enough to get to be here with my parents and Bella… and I’ve been able to sleep under the tree every night since we got it up 🙂 … And, instead of getting behind on things… or at least, instead of feeling the heartache of not being able to communicate the many random times I have something I want to share with everyone here… even the Christmas wishes and love that is coming out a little late now… I’m going to find a way to come to you more often.  If my idea works, I may even start today 🙂 , but I’m leaving it a surprise and will let you know when it happens! xo


Until then… If you celebrate the holidays, then Merry Christmas… If you don’t, Happy Holidays to you too… No matter what the tradition in your family, I hope you had a wonderful holiday with those you love.  I’d love to hear what everyone got up to Christmas and X-Mas Eve? You can comment below with favorite movies?… a fun pic?… anything you’d like to share 🙂 I’d love to see.  My home is your home… so please pretend is like my home online, get comfy! 😉


X-Mas Day 🙂

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  1. sandy

    Merry Christmas to you too! Wish I could be there with you- your place looks dreamy 🙂

  2. jaylene hogan

    I love you Maria!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jaylene in New Zealand…please send me your email and will write
    you a much over due letter….only love to you and big hugs all round!!!! love, jaylene

  3. Maria

    Hi Jaylene! So sorry it has taken so long to respond! I don’t know where January disappeared too, but it seems like I’ve been in somewhat of a sleep walk through the entire month. Finally the doctors have settled on a routine with the IV’s (the one I actually was trying to explain to them from the beginning) but communication with a new team just took far more time than I expected… I keep blaming it on Mercury retrograde. Hehe 😉 Anyway, this last week is the first one I have been able to stay awake long enough to enjoy a movie again and to finally get back online. So much to catch up on, from emails to the changes I’m going to have to make with how I’m finishing my website now… have to take care of me first and I’m not going to wait any longer to start sharing all the content I’ve been wanting to share for the last four years. My biggest regret would be if I didn’t make it and had worked this hard only to end up not sharing my truth, my story, all I’ve learned as well as all I’ve done to help get myself through the years from every angle. I can start sharing it all here now even before I write a book or we film this documentary about it, and with luck, it will hopefully help someone even now to have a better more inspiring and happy day.

    You can email me at my new email that goes with the website! 🙂 It’s… if you ever forget it, just send a note on the contact page and it will come to my inbox as well. I love you sweetheart!…Miss you mucho ~ p.s I signed up for a skype account so maybe we can figure out how to connect via that one day soon. Get Gayle on it too so I can meet my little niece! That would be super fun. Love and hugs xo

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