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I’ve meant to share this with you guys for a couple of weeks now, thought it was the perfect video for the day when mum and I found it on a #SpiritSunday 🙂 .  That being said… I know it’s now a Monday, but I hope everyone had a lovely Spirit Sunday yesterday and in honor of it, may this little clip start your week out with feel good feelings and happy thoughts.

I have to add one thing that can’t be helped with the humorous side of me 😉 …

Almost immediately, after my first thought of how cute and sweet the “de-stress” medicinal side of the entire thing was, a second thought popped into my head that had mum and I laughing out loud. 🙂

In truth though, this is actually a really good point! LoL… but as relaxing and adorable as this glass box is, and what you find inside, no one asks the people who go in if they happen to have any “allergies”… Now, if you put my dad in that box, (and he isn’t even one who needs medical treatment or pen injection etc.), this would become anything but a stress relief!  In fact, within about five to ten mins, the poor guy would probably be absolutely adoring the little kittens while his eyes were turning red, his nose was getting stuffy and sneezy, it was starting to drip down the back of his throat and tears were beginning to burn on his cheeks, causing more of a physical discomfort and increased stress than the relaxation that was originally intended.  If someone was deathly allergic and went into the box… I can’t imagine a rush to the hospital, with their throat closing up, is what they had in mind when they sat down to de-stress with those head phones on. LoL

I know, that is probably a horrible thought to pop into my head almost immediately after how adorable it was!… but at least it was thought #2, hehe, and I just couldn’t help but see the reality of it and laugh.  And as I write this and think about it, either way, the laughter ends up good for you as a de-stress in this very moment 🙂 … so please don’t be offended by my humor. xo  I hope you enjoy the cute, adorable side of the video, as well as the bit of fun picturing my dad having the experiment backfire just slightly.

Happy Monday Everyone!  Have a wonderful week, filled with small moments that make you smile.  It’s those #happymoments that truly matter.


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