One with the Universe

I Am One with the Universe


The last meditation in Oprah & Deepak’s series is Radiating Wholeness…… today is the final day it’s available to listen to for Free :).  I chose the above affirmation for it, their centering thought being “My happiness is the happiness of the universe.”

In a way their message with this bonus meditation feels like a reinforcement of the previous messages shared…even just the ones I learned about in time to share with you, if you want to listen while still available. Who knows if it can also be related to the first 19! Hehe (I’m thinking perhaps yes, a nice little bow to tie up the 21 day package :)… it’s smart thinking.)

The basic message is how we are one with the universe.  We are complete and whole… a part of the world all around us, one and the same.  The idea of “your happiness being the happiness of the universe”, makes me think of the last two meditations as well.  It’s the same idea of how we spread the way we feel inside… our calmness, our happiness… to those around us in the world.  By doing so, it connects us all together… in a way, all of that energy becoming one great whole.

What a beautiful day that would be if everyone started seeing how one with the universe we all are!  If one with the universe, then we are one and the same with one another as well.  If people suddenly saw that we were all one and the same it would be like instant peace :)… everyone would see each other with the same love and kindness they would someone else, no judgements, stereotypes etc..  I know, kind of impossible to ask for right?… but it sure is a pretty picture to imagine…

… ♫♫ Oh Happy Day! 😉 xo

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  1. Jerry

    This is so beautiful. If we can allow this experience to fill us it may be the greatest blessing.

  2. Thia

    What a great image to focus on, our happiness is that of the Universe. So if that is what we can focus on we can squeeze out those unproductive thoughts that limit our happiness and make room for what is available to us from that Universal Source of all things:)

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