“Pin Your Turf”

This may immediately sound like a long shot to you, but PLEASE, let me explain why it stopped me in the midst of another entry and jumped itself to the top of my queue!  This “Pin Your Turf” contest is literally the closest we have come, and the best chance we’ve had, at seeing the dream of an HGTV or DIY makeover actually coming true.  However, to get to the step where we can have that chance, I NEED YOUR HELP! 🙂 I’m BEGGING you to PLEASE imagine yourself walking through the picture I’m about to create, so for a brief moment, you can feel and see the excitement and hope of what this could become, and with that emotion give a little piece of your time to click a few buttons… maybe even more, join in the fun of pulling as many pins together as you can and see how fun we can make it for the Crashers and MLB network!  Lets surprise them, so when we DO get the most pins, we can make it irresistible and impossible for them not to choose us! 😉

Most of you know Design is my passion, what has helped save me since bleeding out and flatlining 4 1/2 yrs ago, my organs never having awoken right since.  It was always a “passion for fashion” before, but HGTV turned a light on to renovation and architecture I never knew I had.  For over 4 yrs I’ve been home 95% of my day, if not more, in levels of pain that are worse than past surgeries I’ve come out of, on IV’s for most everything as I’ve only been able to drink ice-water without getting sick.  After all that had happened the 3 1/2 yrs since transplant we were now in new territory even for the doctors, so we decided it was time to relocate to Pittsburgh indefinitely, and a year later dad was making his final move to join us.  We purchased our first home 8 months later, an income property to help with things financially, the idea also being the gift of an Apt. we could make our own… a place to settle down and “make home”, where we can bring the beach, the outdoors and all that feels like “us” to the North Shore of Pittsburgh! lol Sorry, inside joke, I still laugh every time I think about my dream of always wanting to live on the “North Shore”… 🙂

Its all worked out “in theory” the way we had hoped, except for the unexpected medical expenses and “life’s surprises” that ended up using the planned reno budget, holding up the main goal of actually moving in two years ago.  It’s helped us make it month to month, which I’m beyond grateful for!…but having to stay in the space that would otherwise have been an added income, we couldn’t use the $ to help finish things, not to mention the space to help other families as I’ve been anxiously waiting to do.  I’ve worked hard from the beginning to help in every way I can, from creative ideas that we will continue to do step by step on our own, to the kind support from fundraising, all the way to me dreaming of the impossible being possible imagining help coming from a makeover with one of my favorite designers or design shows and who I consider my “HGTV Family”. 🙂

During those first months of demolition they came out with HGTV’d as the new big show!  Some of you may remember the video that you voted for, several leaving such loving comments that left tears in my eyes.  Those alone were worth the effort of it all, which probably sounds easy, but for someone with very little energy who had never video’d anything before, it literally took me a month to figure out iMovie and get it uploaded. lol  Sadly, the show must have been cut as they only filmed about 8 episodes and never even made it to PA.  They started on the west coast, picking from videos as they traveled to the next city.  What I learned during the process was you can’t contact HGTV, it’s a channel owned by Scripps Network, who purchases shows that are produced by different production companies across the nation and Canada.  For the most part, you have to live within a certain distance from the city a show films in if you want to apply, and none of them are Pittsburgh! 🙁  When they do travel it’s because the budget is sponsored or perhaps the client can pay.  Taking in to consideration the expense of advertising on tv, I thought about the idea of talking to companies who could sponsor even part of a show in exchange for the advertising it would bring, especially if they knew it would open the door to moving forward helping other families as well.  I spoke to one in particular and they responded positively, which was awesome!… but they didn’t give details at the time. They wanted to wait for the 2012 new year, when their new team was in place (or something along those lines). Either way their side was, and still may be, saying “bring me the pitch for a show”, while the other side I’m not even able to contact to find out if there’s a possibility to do a show if it was sponsored.  It’s such a helpless and frustrating feeling, to see all these positive puzzle pieces that could help so many if they came together, but unable to do anything to connect them no matter how hard I try! 🙁

One contact I did make was a little over a year ago, when I wrote a letter to the company that produces The Crashers, a group of my favorite shows that already had sponsors.  I even wrote with the idea of joining with the sponsor I was talking to and doing a possible Ultimate Crash, because we definitely needed help with more than one room!  I’d come up with this silly idea from “An Affair To Remember” and “Sleepless In Seattle”, asking them to meet me at a certain Lowes on Valentines Day (the way they did the Empire State Building in the movies).  I had missed v-day though, so wrote for my birthday but of course said I could make it any day they wanted! 🙂 That was when I learned that although they are able to have some control over the people they crash, they aren’t able to leave the area they film in… in this case Sacramento, CA.  On the morning of my birthday I woke to a package from Big Table Media, inside was a crashers t-shirt, DIY cap, HGTV cap and a birthday card with actual written messages from each of the crashers (except Ahmed and Todd…they work in different cities).  IT MADE MY DAY!…Put together by their beautiful, big hearted office manager, with a note saying “they were sorry they couldn’t be crashing my house today.” 🙂  (All I know is, if this dream comes true, that little tee is getting signed by everyone and framed on a wall as the start of it all…even if it is an “outdoor” space being crashed!)  Anyway, the only way they can crash outside the Sacramento area is if they get a call from Scripps/DIY saying they’re getting “this much more $” to go to a “specific location” to do a “certain special”… for example a football theme in FL.  All they could do was keep in touch and see if something brought them to Pittsburgh.  A year later and I get an e-mail that DIY is going to be announcing the Pin Your Turf contest with MLB network and Pittsburgh Pirates is one of the nine teams listed!  So yes, it’s a long shot, but as you can see it’s the closest we have come by far and if we can get them here we DO HAVE A CHANCE! 🙂

That said…how can we make it happen??… well, it can ONLY happen WITH EVERYONE’S HELP!  THAT MEANS YOU! 🙂  I could definitely use all the crashers to show up and help “rescue crash” the inside as well, hehe, but the outdoor space won’t even be accessible without help and a little magic and I’ve been talking about seeing the sports stadiums and being able to watch the home game firework nights since we bought it!  For an outdoor girl and athlete at heart you can imagine how much this would mean to me, feelings I can’t put to words, the picture painted above hopefully adding to that understanding.  I will be SO HAPPY simply to move in, with a throw carpet and pillows on the floor as we continue to finish the rest, but to be able to finally have a place to have friends hang out, to host game days (as I’ve been saying for yrs), and to actually be able to GO OUTSIDE with everyone or just alone with Bella… this crash would give me an independence and freedom within my apt. I wouldn’t have for a very long time.  It’s almost too good to be true to think about, so without expectations I’m going to simply have fun while still TRYING MY HARDEST!  SO PLEASE, HELP US GET THE BEST CHANCE WE HAVE AT MAKING A DREAM COME TRUE!  PIN PITTSBURGH PIRATES ON YOUR PINTEREST BOARD!  If you don’t know what Pinterest is and don’t have an account, it’s free and takes a minute to sign up, here’s how:

  1. Go to http://pinterest.com and click Join Pinterest.
  2. Choose how you’ll sign up: using Facebook, Twitter or your email address.
  3. Enter the username, email address and password you’ll use for Pinterest. Just a note:
    1. Pick a username that is 3-15 characters long. You can add numbers to your username, but not spaces, symbols or punctuation.
    2. Create a strong password even if you sign up with Facebook or Twitter. You can always log in with that password and your email address.
  4. After you’ve filled out your info, click Create Account.

…if you’d rather not, please at least pass it on to your friends!  It’s as easy as 2 clicks if you already have one! 🙂 You can only Pin once which makes each Pin worth the effort! (no one can tamper the results by voting 100+ times)  Follow the link below, share it with others and feel free to have fun however you think may add to them choosing us when they get here! 😉  WE CAN DO IT AS A TEAM ~ I KNOW IT! … In the very least we can try.  THANK YOU!  XO



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