Renovation ~ Stage 1

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I think the hardest thing right now is figuring out where to start!  There is so much to get posted, from the renovation to the “flash backs”, to new things that continue to unfold with each new day… and then when it comes to the renovation, at which point should I begin?  That said, the most important thing is getting the content up!  I can worry about finding the best plugins and making it look better as I learn more… and if I share things in a different order than what we did, I promise the overall before and after picture will come together quickly.

Although I’m excited about the floors, I think it’ll be the most fun to start at the beginning… the first task and goal… to open up the entire first floor into one big space.  I came up with my own design term for it… “declaustraphobasize” :)… there’s one for Webster! lol… what I hoped to turn into a mini Manhattan like loft style apartment.

When we first purchased the building, the apt. was divided into separate areas by L-shaped walls and a large utility closet in the kitchen.  The stairs were off to the left as you entered, with the only coat closet at the end of the entry hall…past the 1/2 bath…and around to the left beneath the upper stairway.










We were lucky, in the sense that none of the walls we wanted to remove were load baring and other than a little bit of electrical, there wasn’t anything “inside” the walls that dad had to worry about cutting into as he tackled the demolition DIY.  Now for anyone who doesn’t know how to tell if walls are load baring, I definitely recommend making sure you have a professional verify this for you before you go smashing any walls down!  After that, it’s a task you can save some money on for sure, especially if they are simple divider walls.  

Dad did have to be a bit more careful when he went after the “mock pantry” (as I liked to call it).  When we first saw the kitchen I thought it was a pantry…opened those white folding doors, and sort of “jumped back”, shocked when I saw an old beat up furnace and water heater! lol  So NOT what I expected in a kitchen…and since they both had to be replaced I instantly knew something had to change.  Tankless Water Heater that was an instant easy first.  Half the space was taken care of… the thinking cap was on for the furnace as we kept working.  Dad did all the demolition himself and the transformation began…













The transformation was night and day… pictures don’t really do it justice, but I think you can get the sense of how the apt. went from claustrophobic and dark, the walls blocking the light, to open and airy with sunshine free to shine from window to window.  The bonus of a corner unit!  To get a good side by side look… welcome to 1501 Buena Vista St, #3 🙂













Remember…this was only the beginning ;)… more walls were coming down! It was good physical fitness for dad as well, a side bonus for all you DIY adventurers, it’s better than the gym and seriously more fun!

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  1. Jerry

    Great ideas and work! What a huge difference to that apartment. Like night and day is right!

  2. Roberta Mann

    go girl keep the great work and pictures coming. I do not see Bella in the pictures

  3. Maria

    she gets a little anxious when the reno is in destruction :)… so cute actually, scratches me constantly to pick her up every time I take her with me. She does the same thing if we are simply changing furniture around where she feels settled. lol She was there though, I think you can see her little caboose in the last picture… and more posts will be coming with her I promise 🙂

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