Tech Tip Tuesday ~ A helpful Use for Your Smartphone

After what turned out to be the hardest weekend physically, since September and all the craziness of the hospital and the awful side-effects of the medications I was given… I’m so happy to be able to get back on-line, to at least post this short, but hopefully useful, little tip for today’s Tech Tip Tuesday! 

Not every tip is something big and educational… or info about a program or a “how to”, that I learned through all my hours of searching and personal study as I continue to build my own site.  In this case, I’m sharing something I hope you find fun and helpful, that many of you may already know about and make use of yourself… but that I only just discovered and am so grateful that I did!

With all that is going on and the exhaustion that comes with it, typing my posts takes a lot more energy than it would to simply say what I was thinking.  I think most of you would also agree, that staring at a computer screen is definitely draining on the body and can make the eyes burn and water far more than even writing on paper, or speaking the thought while being able to close your eyes if you want to. In fact, there are times when you may have a thought, say when you are driving in the car, but you know you can’t look down and text (PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THAT FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE! XO), or perhaps you simply aren’t near the computer, but you don’t want to forget the idea that is fresh in your head!  I was able to use this next tip to help get one of my earlier blogs posted this month… saving time and energy on the first half. 🙂 I hope to use it more, now that I am so grateful to have found it.



I’m a Mac girl myself, though I’m pretty sure they have an android version of this, for all of you who use android devices 🙂 .  I’ll be explaining it from my own experience though, with Apple products and using my iPhone.

It’s really pretty simple and quick 🙂 … on the iPhone, you go to Notes, and instead of typing them you simply push the microphone button and then speak an unedited version of your blog post… or whatever thought you are having… message you want to send yourself while driving the car… anything that comes to you in one of those moments, where you know, if you don’t write it down you simply aren’t going to remember it later no matter how hard you try.  You can basically use this in any way you find helpful to you.  I used it to help write my blog, to save energy and time instead of having to get on the computer and type the entire thing, while trying to find enough gaps of time when I actually felt well enough to do so and haven’t been at the hospital for IV infusions.

After you have talked freely into your phone… the same idea of Dragon Dictate really… you can choose whether to edit some of it there, or you can wait as I did, and then… all you do next is simply email it to yourself, so you can open it on your computer when ready to use it.  If you dictated a blog entry like myself, copy and paste the email into your theme template as a New Post.  From there, continue as if you had typed it like any other… edit what is needed… finish typing it if you haven’t… and then Publish!  Congratulations! 🙂 You just saved time and energy spent sitting at your computer, by dictating your writing into your phone!

Like I mentioned, you can do this for anything you find it helpful for… even if it’s simply to remind yourself of something you’re afraid you are going to forget.  You can have your smartphone email it to you, or I believe even text it to you, if it’s just a short reminder and not a full post on your website.  No matter what you choose to use it for, I hope you find it fun and useful to play with… and that it free’s up some time in your day as well.  Maybe you can treat yourself to a little “me” time.  Make sure you take a moment to stand still, close your eyes and just breath.  Listen to your body and your heart every day to make sure you stay connected and follow your intuition throughout it.

The irony of my tip… to use technology in order to use LESS technology 😉 .  By doing this you’re keeping an important balance in your life that will allow that happiness and peace each day that we all want, and that you very much deserve.

Live, Love and Be Happy… that’s what life’s about.  Hopefully, even a small tech tip like this can help play a part in making that easier in some of your days.  I’m hoping it will for mine, as I continue to take each day one at a time, through this unknown medical journey and the exhaustion it is bringing.  All we can do is our best, moment to moment.

I’m sorry it has kept me so absent by the way…there is much to tell about that in another post, though I will be sending a quick update when I can to those who are on the email list as well ~ please do sign up for those extra updates and less formal emails, if you haven’t already.  It’s the one way I can promise to stay in touch even through the hospital surprises! xo

Sending love to all and wishing you a beautiful day.  May you find your “Happy” in it and hold on to that alone! 

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