Tech Tip Tuesday ~ Getting Organized with Evernote

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I can’t believe how fast 2015 has already been passing us by!  How we got to January 14th I honestly don’t know… it feels as if I’m in a coma somewhere, meanwhile there’s a puppet master out there pulling the strings…me, his puppet, and somehow he has me non-stop busy through every day yet I have no idea how, or what, I’ve done to make it half way through the month this fast!  I keep wanting to quote…

It’s All Just One Great Big Strange Dream…

Though I’m not even sure exactly how it goes, it definitely feels spot on for this moment! 

The truth is I’ve been spending what energy and time I have, working towards getting things organized, with all the unexpected medical changes that took place towards the end of 2014… the changes that have led to even more unexpected changes in physical ability and in all that has been happening routine wise with my Doctors, my hospital visits, home care, treatment plans and most of all… the intense effect that has had on my physical body.  Since all areas of life are connected, it has of course then led to a normal chain reaction on the mental and emotional as well, though that is at least the one thing I am not helpless to do something about. 🙂  Here I have the ability to choose… my thoughts, my actions, as well as how I “re-act” to the things I have no control over.  Here I can choose to love and care for myself the best that I can.

While being so busy, I missed the last two Tech Tip Tuesday’s… for that I’m so sorry!  What I discovered in the process though, is something I think is an awesome find, and what I immediately decided was going to be my fun Tip for this week!  Of course, my full day at UPMC Montefiore yesterday still helped play a role in sharing this on Wednesday yet again. LOL  No matter!… It doesn’t change what I believe is going to be my new favorite find…

TECH TIP TUESDAY                     “EVERNOTE”


I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but this weeks #TechTipTuesday is a program called Evernote, that you can download at  When I was first directed to it, I thought it was one I had already seen before… a great program, but yet another that had rather a nice monthly cost to it… and since I’m not running a business or bringing in any income, (in fact I’m more in need of starting my first fundraisers!), I can’t afford to keep adding $20 here and there to help keep things running easier.  I was so happy to discover that Evernote was not the same one I had visited before!…And in addition to that, it’s FREE!  You can make use of all it has to offer at the free level, but if you find you do want a little something more, you can also upgrade to Premium for a mere $5/month!  There is something for everyone that is worth taking a look at if you want to help simplify.

I can’t wait to dig in and learn the best ways it can help me, to ease my stress, make better use of time, and…the big one…simplify and organize my “to do’s”, so when my new treatments leave me feeling like I’m walking and living in a fog like state of mind, I can simply look at my workspace for the day…the week even…and follow my own instructions without having to think too hard.  It’s important to have everything on a calendar to help yourself follow through, to be accountable and successful in reaching your dreams and goals… this takes that to the next level with a little extra fun.


One more quick note before finishing… a bit off subject, but something I’ve thought about these past couple of weeks and definitely want to share while I have the chance.  It relates to how my busy “getting organized” schedule, has kept me from getting any recent blog posts finished.  Unless you follow my FB page or Twitter handle… or happen to have visited the site on your own and saw the tweets there 😉 … I haven’t been able to communicate with you, EXCEPT for one other way!

I hadn’t even thought about it before, but was so happy when I realized I had the use of my e-mail list to send a quick personal update to all those who had signed up!  It wasn’t the same as the Newsletters… the first of which I am hoping to be sending next week 🙂 … but for those who have signed up for updates, I was able to send a less formal note to let them know I was thinking about you all and to give a quick update on NOW, while I continued to finish the blog entry that is more complete… written for any and all eyes in the world to see.

Let me play with your imagination for a moment… and this will make more sense when my theme comes together and the website looks as I’ve designed it offline to be 😉 .  Imagine, that before signing up you are like a visitor who is checking out a new home for the first time.  You’re looking at things from the outside and if it draws you in, your first visit is more of a walk through.  I, of course, hope you love what you see and that you sign-up for your free updates… because as soon as you do, “mi casa es su casa”, your home away from home online.  This is where you can “Kick Your Shoes Off”, the name of my TV Channel on YouTube (I have a couple of videos ready, but haven’t yet posted them), and know you are safe to be your true self, unconditionally supported to follow your heart so you can LIVE a life you LOVE and BE HAPPY.  

My e-mail list isn’t about sales for me, seeing that I don’t have anything to sell, haha!  (Though it will help to spread the word when fundraising events happen ~ xo) But most of all, it’s about making sure I get to stay connected with all of you… and my dream of connecting with as many others as possible in hopes of sharing “life”, making a difference, and helping others.  The added bit of ease and privacy being on the list, allows me to promise that I can always stay connected and communicate no matter how crazy or busy things might get, even through the medical ups and downs. (Unless an induced coma comes into play, in which case I will try to give you all a heads up. Hehe ) I love that I have a way to send quick updates to you, my friends… whether old or new, or if it’s your first time here and you’re trying to decide what to do :)… go on, sign-up 😉… you can always unsubscribe later if you like, no questions asked.  At least you’ll know that it wasn’t right for you and the design of your life right now, future content may be perfect for what you need then, but you’ll also be free knowing that in your mind, you didn’t miss out when moving on. xo

For those of you who decide to play with Evernote, I hope you’ll share your “organization adventure” with me…any difficulties, things you find your favorite…I’ll be back to let you know how my adventure goes as well!  

And if you haven’t yet subscribed for updates from… and you’d like to make sure I can stay connected, as much as I’d like to promise I can… not just with blog updates, but through the medical changes that are taking place starting this week!… please sign-up in the box to the right or at the bottom of the page.  There’s a little something fun for the first 50 subscribers, to celebrate the happiness of this part of my dream moving forward… (I started the count over again with the new domain change).  It’s not much, but something to add a little love and happiness to your day, an unexpected smile maybe, the same way the website hopefully will for all who visit as it continues to grow.

I hope you had a happy Wednesday… and if its been a hard one, here’s a hug from me to you to let you know “I’m sorry your day was crappy, I really am, and I hope a simple hug can at least make the moment feel better 🙂 .”  Are you smiling yet? … If so, I’ve done my job, I know you’ve had at least one happy moment before it’s over… Hehe 

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