The Best Medicine

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Greatest Medicine

Most of the time you’ll hear people say that “laughter is the greatest medicine”.  I’d definitely agree that it is ONE of the best, but I don’t think I can say that it’s the greatest.  Like in medicine, it’s just a little too broad and generic to be the best for everyone.  I like to think of it like this…picture laughter being like the anti-biotic the doctors give when they first draw your blood, knowing you have an infection of some sort.  From your symptoms they have a general idea of what type of infection it is so they immediately start you on an anti-biotic that covers a large span of things.  At the same time, they wait for the test results that tell the exact diagnosis and the very best treatment for you at that moment.

Laughter is that first “broad span” medicine to go to, because it is one of the best ways to brighten anyone’s heart :)… but in reality, every one of us is different (and even then, we too are different at any given moment).  So what you need to make your heart happy… the thing that is actually the BEST medicine, the chosen anti-biotic after the test results have come back ;)… that is going to be different as well.

Maybe what your heart is truly longing for is a really good cry… or maybe you need to scream!… or even sing :)… or perhaps just sit in silence and listen to the birds chirp or the ocean wash up on shore.  Only you truly know the answer to what that is each day.  No matter what, allowing yourself to follow your heart, to “design your life” here and now by doing what makes your heart the happiest you can, that is the best medicine day-to-day.  It’s the best preventive medicine if healthy as well as the best practice to help keep yourself strong.

Always find the happiness in your day and embrace it… make the happy be what you magnify over and over until it literally covers and distracts from anything else.  BE HAPPY!  BE HEALTHY!  Live the life you love and deserve. xo


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  1. Suzi

    Beautiful! A wonderful reminder for me, my dear ! I am filing that quote for later use and reminder:)

  2. Jerry

    There is so much wisdom in what you have written. Thank you! May we all be blessed with happy hearts!

  3. Maria

    I second that Jerry! You made my heart happy just saying you liked my quote :)… I wanted to have fun, (be a little brave), and try doing something new. hehe It’s all personal opinion of course, but in my heart I believe it to be true. Sending love…

  4. Maria

    Yay xo… and soon you will be able to simply save and file it right here in your design journal 🙂

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