The Power Of Thought!

I continued to have tech problems last week, unable to get my blog posts to send via email :(… I’m sorry to those who missed my updates via Facebook instead.Β  Now that I have things working though…yay πŸ™‚ !… here are last weeks posts that relate to the results of the #GiveBackChallenge!Β  Apologies if they look familiar… but if they do, before you do anything, I hope you sign up below!Β  It’s FREE!Β  Not all things will be on FB, but you can get automatic updates straight to your email and safely know you won’t miss out on any fun! πŸ˜‰ xo

There were two posts in relation to the Ty Pennington Results… what started out with a natural reaction of tears, became a genuine feeling of happiness by that very evening. How you choose to look at something in life can make the same experience or picture look completely different and that in itself can change your life.

Tuesday June 17th – 1st Post after Results Are In

545252_437305946390638_375659056_nNot gonna lie, the tears were unavoidable… We didn’t get chosen as one of the semi-finalists … and honestly, it looks like the votes didn’t really make a difference at all! There were several that were chosen that had only 1 or 2 votesSee More





Wednesday June 18th

Like all things in life, you can’t control the natural emotions you feel in response to something that happens, but after you honor those feelings as being real and true, you do have control over the way you choose to react and how you choose to think.

You can change your life simply by changing the way you think…the power of the mind.

In relation to yesterday, you never know why things happen the way they do. My immediate response was sadness and disappointment, but I also realized that the reasons behind their choices have no reflection on whether or not my dream is going to make a positive difference and help others. By the end of the day my outlook had changed completely.

We would have to win the entire thing to get the big prize and Ty Pennington’s help, and although that would be the greatest dream, the reality was very slim. When we started I thought I’d have to at least make the semi-finals to get the project seen and the word out, and to then see what doors may open to unknown possibilities. After thinking about it, I see that simply working to get to the semi-finals has already helped start that process!… Although this may sound crazy πŸ˜‰ , I started to feel that I’d rather find out now before spending the entire summer putting my limited energy into the video that we’d now have to make and this contest alone, only to end with no help.Β  Instead, I’m now able to put that energy into work that will definitely help us move forward…finding a way to “unroll our own road”! As the awesome picture portrays in the 1st FB post above. Love that pic! πŸ™‚

I am, however, definitely missing the muscle that man has! So I’m hoping you will continue to follow my journey with me, to be part of my team πŸ™‚ , to help be that physical muscle (metaphorically), or whatever may be needed if & when we do hit those road bumps that I can’t maneuver myself. I believe we can find a way for this dream to be a reality, but I also know I can’t do it alone. xo



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