The Renovation Begins: Short term rental to help others


or, according to today’s astrology, I should be wishing you a happy “SWEET” Sunday… but I think we all know what the majority of the nation would be saying, and that is Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday! 🙂

That said, I’ve connected to tonight’s IV’s… I just watched the saddest, most disappointing ending to the “BIG GAME”… and I can feel the IV, TPN drowsiness starting to take effect as my eyelids are becoming heavy. UH-OH!… Best for me to come back and finish this mañana, after another day at 7W for Potassium and Lasix.  I’ll explain then.  Goodnight for now… and sweet dreams. xo

Well… Let’s try this again!


We got home from the hospital a little over an hour ago and before I do anything else… other than the few bills I’ve opened and taking care of Bella of course 😉 … I want to get this post done while my energy is at its fullest!  (As full as it can be after another 6 hour day at 7 west that is…But I’m grateful that we have found a routine of going 3-4 times/week, close to every other day, for lasix and potassium to keep the fluids from literally drowning me on the inside.  It is almost like an induced coma of pain at home without that help!  I’ll take the little things that make this easier day by day. xo)

So… after I hook up to my next TPN bag and another 20 hrs of IV, if that starts to put me to sleep or at the very least, clouds my thinking a bit too much to write, it can interrupt something else today instead of my blog entry 🙂 .  I’ve been trying to share this since last week as is, so today it takes priority!

As much as January has found us at the hospital regularly and me barely functional, while trying to find a balance with the IV treatments and the danger to my organs, if certain blood levels drop too low as a result… We managed to officially start the renovation on the first apartment to help other patients and their families! YAY!!  You can read about my mission to help others here… the dream of using my passion for design to create a “home away from home”, the first of what will hopefully be many, that not only help others financially, but are beautiful and healing at the same time.  We started with the entryway, shared by the tenants in our long-term rental upstairs, the door to our 1st furnished unit just to the right. 🙂

Entryway 1604 Buena Vista St.
Old carpet ripped up – temp. throw rugs down up front for upstairs tenants
New maple flooring for entryway! Leftover from reno at 1501 🙂














The throw rugs keep it clean in between steps, but we were also lucky to have leftover maple flooring from our own renovation at 1501 Buena Vista St.  Not wanting it to go to waste, it seemed the perfect fit for this small area, upgrading the energy upon immediate entry to the building… not only for patients after a long day, but for our upstairs tenants to enjoy as well!  What a fun bonus, already improving the beauty and quality without even touching the budget! 😉 I’m smiling just waiting, picturing what it’s going to look like once it’s down. Yay!

My dream and plans for the Apt. started almost 4 yrs ago, but you can read about how the coffee shop has become a part of it, if you follow this link to The Gift That Keeps On Giving.  It explains the project, though somewhat briefly, as it was written with a word count limit for the purpose of a Give Back Challenge last year…with the hope and possibility of winning financial help to get the project done.  As much as the project helps the community and others, especially with the coffee shop now involved, it didn’t quite fit into what they were looking for when it came to the fact that the property involved was personally owned.  They were looking more for public projects it seemed, but the challenge did help me start to get the word out.  The same as it is helping to give me something to share now as I continue to spread the word… and the fact that we could definitely use help, if anyone is interested in finding out how they might be able to? 🙂

Everything is out of our own pocket at the moment, but I’ve worked hard to set up different forms of fundraising that can help with it all.  I’m also setting up a page where I’ll continue to post whatever current or ongoing fundraising projects we’re working on, or other creative ways/outside of the box ideas I might have set up… things that help me and my family move forward with my dream of helping others.  That is why I named it “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”.

From now on you will be able to go to the page “How Can I Help” to see what activities, events, etc are going on… online or locally (if you are in Pittsburgh most likely).  If anything calls out to your heart as something you would like to take part in, yay! 🙂 But in all seriousness you can also write me with any questions you might have at  I’m already thanking you from the bottom of my heart, with so much gratitude and appreciation… I can’t put words to what my heart feels whenever a bit of help is gifted this way, no matter what form it comes in, no matter what the size… the love I feel from your support and kindness never fails to somehow take me by surprise and always puts a tear of happiness in my eye.  I think it is simply realizing I’m not alone as I continue to go through all of this and even though we may tell ourselves that, it’s never quite the same as something tangible and unexpected happening as proof .  Even simply signing up for updates and supporting this website gives me strength to keep going with what I’m trying to do… So thank you, to all of you, for even being here to read this right now!

Your kindness becomes my strength to keep working to help others however I can, through my story, my passions and my dream, of using those things to make a difference.  THANK YOU! xo


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