The Tool That Can Help You Read Minds

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First of all, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All!

I didn’t get my intended Thanksgiving blog posted, the main reason being that I was working on the tech side of my website as well 🙂 … I at last got my official domain change done, so I can truly share the site!  I’ll tell you all about it in my next post (later today I hope, if things go quick and smooth at the doctors and of course right here getting it done…no hiccups right 😉 ).  It all took a little longer than planned, but so far it looks like it was a success.  Yay!  Unfortunately, you still didn’t here from me because I got slammed with a migraine and nausea that ran its course over 48 hrs, only lightening up at last today.  Thank You Lord!! XO

That is the beauty of what this site is about though, living in the moment and having to adjust to reality here and now, and being a one woman team for tech and content… when I crash, things might get a little held up as well.  So this weeks TECH TIP TUESDAY! is now TECH TIP WEDNESDAY! LOL  But I’d rather send a good tech tip with quality, no matter how short… than throw two sentences up with the link on its own.  I hope you all understand and enjoy it just the same. 🙂

I did have plans to share a tip I had discovered myself, but being in recovery and not fully back to feeling well, I decided to pull from one of the links I’ve collected during my hours of self-teaching, trouble shooting and free expert tips/videos I’ve come across over the course of my own journey.  Most of us have heard of Keywords and SEO, and how important it is to the success of your business.  It can make a HUGE difference to how many people even see your site to begin with, and if they don’t see you how can they even discover how much they like what you have to offer?!  This weeks…

TECH TIP TUESDAY!              Wordtracker 

…is a tool called Wordtracker.  You can find it at  I learned about it in a 20 min free FB tutorial that was available for 24 hours one day during the summer.  It’s cool the things you can come across accidentally.  They showed how it worked in detail, walked you through examples, and I remember thinking “This is freakin’ awesome!  It’s like getting handed a glimpse into your audiences brain, literally word for word what they are searching for.” Basically, if you take those exact words and figure out a way to create your heading with them, or even use the exact search in your first intro… for example:

“many people are wondering lately, …..”

And type the exact search in the “….” part of the sentence… If all goes well, you should be able to watch the % of views for your post increase in leaps not just baby steps.  I wish I could tell you I’ve had a chance to play with it myself, but the one down side of it is that a bit of magic and fun like this isn’t exactly free.  Since my site isn’t one that brings in money, I can’t afford to spend a lot on different tools either, but this one was definitely one worth mentioning for those of you who are running a business that is already successful… or definitely on the growth path!  If you are in a place where you want to put a monthly investment in, it may be that you quickly get your money’s worth back and then some from the results.  I can’t help you with the answer to that one, you will have to let me know how it works if you try it out :).

They do give you a free 7 day trial period!  You can test the waters and see if you think it’s the right match for you.  All part of designing your life and that unique blueprint that’s different for every one of you, but when it’s right, only you will know it’s the perfect fit.

If you do give Wordtracker a try, come back and let me know what you think… and how it works for you!  It really does look like a fun tool.  Here’s the link again…

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