There is only NOW!

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I’ve come to realize all I have is NOW… even if that means pushing through fear and reminding myself to hold on to COURAGE, to go after a dream no matter how vulnerable or nervous I might feel…

This quote is one I found and loved back in March… I shared it as a quick tweet thinking to myself, “At least tweets post on my blog so I’m not totally MIA :)”!  I knew I hadn’t had a chance to post since Valentines!

I also shared it on my FB page…which I admit I am not very good at keeping up ;).  But I’m trying!  The above was my FB post… the dream mentioned, referring to all of this and the things I still have yet to add to the site, that I’ve been working on these past years… never giving up on my dream and vision becoming a reality.

I realized though, that for those of you who follow my blog, the only way you were going to see the tweets was if you decided to randomly check in on the site yourself.  It only updates you via e-mail when there is a new blog post!  Uh-oh! 🙁  And since you haven’t been getting blog updates, and if you weren’t checking in on your own, there would be no way for you to know that I had been switching over themes back in February… excited to at last be setting things up the way I had envisioned from day one, over two years ago.  Only then, that even got put on hold, when I spontaneously decided to enroll in an online course that started the beginning of March.

My goal for the course was entirely to help with all of this!  So I followed my intuition, which was telling me that “timing was a sign”… the course came right at my next step, as if meant to be, a gift to help guide me as I kept learning my way around the online world and technology that is my “Achilles heel”, rather than all the Google searching and DIY learning I’ve been doing on my own these past years.  The extra’s of the course would help me when the foundation was set up in the future and even as we get the coffee shop going starting now, and as a person who loves to learn anyway… I always think it’s good to learn things that may not pertain to you particularly as well.  You most often will find amazing inspirations that you can put towards what you do do, even if it is a simple story you hear or a single idea you can tweak your way.  (An example of Design to Live actually, Designing Your Life and Your Blueprint… you take what works for you from all aspects in life.)

It felt so good to feel like I wasn’t going to be on my own anymore, not knowing where to begin with the plethora of information the web has to offer!  And now that I have the best of the best resources under my belt, I’m ready to put it into action.  Most important to me was making sure that my communication with you went smoothly, that you received things without problems and visa versa… And that I could “personalize” messages that said “Thank You” and “Welcome” and all that good stuff.  I wanted to get it right from the start, that is, the start of what would be regular content and what I’ve envisioned…not the random blogs to update you on things and then “as soon as” filling in the gaps.

I’m excited for you to continue the rest of my “tech” journey with me, so I can start sharing and posting NOW as the quote says 🙂 .  I still have much to learn as I set things up and I am thankful for your patience as I’m sure to take you on a bumpy ride. LOL  Hopefully you will have fun laughing along side me as I’ve learned laughter, through those times you want to scream, is the best way to do it!  Next…

Step 1: Communicating to let you know what is happening!  A key purpose to this “BLOG POST” ~ It turns out the email server I’m using here can only guarantee 50% of my communication is getting to you via your inbox.  Not cool!!!  But as I switch servers, I’m hoping I can do so without having to bother any of you who subscribed, at most maybe having to ask for a confirmation that you do indeed still want to receive updates via e-mail… and in the very worst case, I hope you will be happy to click the new sign-up button that will be up next, so that all the future fun can continue to come your way, with the new and secure “guaranteed” technology 🙂 .

Step 2: The switcharoo!  I wanted to post at least one more blog with the email used now, so you will get an update via email in your inbox.  Hopefully this will bring you to the site in case things don’t transfer correctly.  If you do find yourself reading this blog and you haven’t seen the changes to the website and theme from Feb… please take a peak around?! I was able to post a couple notes on the “about” pages to share an update on the course and things being on hold… again, something I realized you wouldn’t have seen without a blog entry to let you know new content was there.

All that said! ~  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! 🙂  I hope all you beautiful mother’s had a magical happy day with your families and loved ones.  I know my mum has taught me the true meaning of a mother’s unconditional love for their child, no matter how many years pass… she is my angel…and there’s no better time than NOW for me to go tell her again how much I LOVE HER! xo     

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  1. Jerry

    Your blog is looking’ good! I’d say you got some good schoolin’. I love the NOW quote! I makes so much sense. Someday soon I will see if I can figure out the twitter thing so that I can follow you. I signed up years ago and never looked at it again.

  2. Maria

    I actually did all this before the course began :)… except for adding the little notes about the course, but thank you!!! Makes me happy that you like it at. Because so far, this is the result of the last couple years of me googling and self teaching. Hehe. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be able to finally figure it out on my own after all that time! YAY!!! (Of course 2nd week of the course and they teach in a 30 minute video what I searched for and learned over 6 months I think, LOL…Oh well… that’s why I get it to help save time for the next steps.) Now I’m super excited to put the stuff I have learned these last eight weeks into use, as I try to figure out the rest.

    I still have to figure it out… uh-oh… but now I have the resources already like a great library in front of me to pull from, instead of trying to know where to go to online and what to go to first etc. I needed a coach to help point the way, for that I was very grateful. (Like the post says, NOW is all I have, and with my health timing is also of the essence. I don’t have the luxury of years to find my own way, when my days are already shorter as well.)

    Time to be real and true to myself, by voice I mean (in addition to living that way already xo), tell it like it is, and use the one source I have to reach people…the internet…in case I don’t have time to wait for a book… and so I don’t have to wait to see my dream be reality only when a book and my story is actually published etc. I can help people and make a positive difference in the world one baby step at a time starting right now. xoxo At least I hope so…

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