Valentine’s Day

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“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.  They’re in each other all along.” ~ Rumi

To all the Lover’s of the world… Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Ok, so rewind a little and I didn’t quite get this finished and posted on time… so it’s not exactly Valentine’s anymore, but lets pretend we’re not too far off, yes? 😉 …

I decided I was ignoring all things on the “to do” list for the day… those things I never can catch up on anyway 🙁 lol… and making it what Valentine’s Day is suppose to be about, sharing love and happiness with others!! 🙂

Early in the week I had talked to dad about wanting to bake my favorite little bite size “gift” cookies, that literally melt in your mouth, but the early part of the week past so fast (because of appt’s and all) that Thursday was here before I could blink!  That’s when I had a sudden inspiration for the following idea… out of nowhere I was watching this little picture clip playing out in my head that made me break out in smiles. 🙂  Realistically I knew it was a long shot.  Where was I going to find roses the night before Valentine’s, let alone ones that weren’t the “leftover” picks?…But I told myself, “I’d try my options and let the cards land where they must”… I couldn’t be happier that I did!

Wouldn’t you know, the one place mum stopped on the way home, the last I expected to have anything left (let alone affordable to be frank), they had exactly what I needed to make everything work!  Since when do stores have 3 dozen roses left, more if we’d wanted, still in good condition AND being sold $12 for a dozen!… I couldn’t see them, so mum described them to me, saying they were “OK”… surely they must have been mini-roses or perhaps had been turning brown???, but I wanted to try and make this happen and trusted her eye to pick out what she thought was the best 2 0r 3 bouquets, if looking at each rose as a single.  I was a little worried I admit, until she walked in the door and I couldn’t believe the beauty of what was in front of me!  That’s when I knew my Valentine Day plan was a go… Yay! 


It’s Friday Morning ~ Valentine’s Day ~ To be honest…One of the dumbest days of the year in my mind…And I say that with the utmost of love and affection. 😉  Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that the holiday is suppose to be about, but why do we need a day to represent it?… Every day should be valentines day and no one should have to be reminded, or told, that “today” is the day you have to show and/or tell your loved one just how much you love them.  It’s the days in between, when someone makes it feel like v-day when it’s not, that you know the words and the actions are from their own heart.  Still, the day does exist, and with all the hoopla… everyone should enjoy it.  Whether you are single, dating, or lucky in love… or maybe you’ve been married for years 🙂 … and even on days that aren’t v-day… who doesn’t love the idea of getting “surprised” with a single rose to brighten their day?!  That was my goal… to give to the few I could, that single rose when least expected, in hopes that they would all go home with a little extra happiness in their heart and a smile on their face, a surprise that would leave them ending their day different then they had imagined when they woke up.  And who knows… perhaps that smile would pass on to those whose paths they crossed and a positive chain reaction would occur.  (Sorry, just commented yesterday w/ someone about negative actions and the negative chain reactions they can cause in the big picture…made me think how nice the opposite can be.)

I started out having dad help me clean up the roses.  STEP 1 therefore was separating the roses and cleaning off the stem of extra leaves so we had a vase full of simple single elegant roses.


STEP 2 I chose a pink sheet of paper and cut several thin strips about 1/2 cm wide for each rose.


STEP 3 On the right side of each strip I wrote my valentine message of Be Kind… and Love… and was going to write Happy Valentines but simply drew a heart and signed my initials.  I figured the rose, the heart and the date itself pretty much filled in the last part (and I did have 3 dozen to do lol).

STEP 4 I grabbed my dad back on the job for this!  So happy for his help to make our assembly line move faster 😉 .  On the back of the far left side of each strip I put about one inch of glue.  Dad then wrapped the glued end around the stem about 1/3 of the way down, by placing the stem in the middle of the glued area and squeezing the two glued sides together.  DONE! 🙂


Now came the fun part of handing them out!  I had a hospital appointment to go to first, then I got to take a detour home, stopping at the place that has been like a second home to me these past few years… ESSpa Kozmetika… the craziness of 2013 has kept me away far more than I ever wanted, though somehow knowing they were there was always still reassuring and healing in its own way.  It made me so happy to get to go in and say hi just for fun.  I may not have seen them much last year, but my ESSpa family are never far from my heart and I will forever be grateful for the gift they have been in my life.  I don’t think I will ever be able to thank Eva and Scott for what their gift has meant to me mentally, emotionally and physically…but it was one of my biggest strengths when I needed it the most.  (I truly believe last year was proof of the physical benefits as well, unable to get treatments, it was the first year I didn’t maintain my weight, but even had a period of weight loss… I’m going to try and do a little “scientific experimenting” this year, if I can get more appointments back on the schedule again, but that’s for another entry 😉 ).  For now… back to flower delivery! 


If I could have delivered a rose to each and every one of you I would have! 🙂  There were a few I wasn’t able to get to their intended recipients 🙁 … but that’s the way things go.  I didn’t forget about mum, dad and myself of course!  If there is one thing I have learned all these years, you have to remember to love yourself as you would your own best friend and that means treat yourself to the little things that make you happy and make you smile.  White roses have always been my favorite… xo.  (Those few that didn’t find their owners sure turned mum’s and mine into a nice little bouquet that has been continuing to open to full bloom all week.  It’s medicinal now, one look = a calm breath and a happy hearted smile when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.)

For those who didn’t get there’s, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and hopefully it’ll be the next best thing… But in addition, there are many of you out there that know I would have loved nothing more than to surprise you with a v-day rose and that you were all in my thoughts as well.  And in addition to that…(on a quick side note)… I also had so much fun coming down in the elevator at Hillman Cancer Center, as I watched one young lady unable to take her eyes off my full “mint bucket” carrying device (lol), with that twinkle in her eye that one gets when you know they find something beautiful.  I can’t remember what comment opened the door of communication, but instantly I jumped in and said “would you like one?!”.  It seemed to stun her a bit, but she left the hospital with a new smile and as we drove out I saw her chatting on her cell phone, still smelling the rose 🙂 .

So to everyone who didn’t get a tangible rose, this rose is for you!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, but who says it needs to be v-day to get a rose? 😉  Any day you need a smile you can come click right here and you will always have a rose waiting for you… friends, strangers, you can even pass it along… a rose of love, kindness and friendship there are an unlimited amount for all!  I hope everyone gets the fun of being surprised with a rose sometime in 2014, even for no reason at all… how fun would that be… a pay it forward “Give a Rose”.  For now, at least I can give you my virtual one!

A Rose from Me to You
A Rose from Me to You


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  1. Paula

    Aloha Maria!
    Sweet rainbows to you from across the miles. Thank you for your lovely rose and brilliant story. I agree…everyday is a day to express our love and be grateful for love. You are so wise, kind and funny. Best wishes to you, your mum and dad. Love and radha soami, Paula : )

  2. pamela

    We love our rose.
    It’s beautiful.
    And the smile on your face,
    the sparkle in your eyes
    is even more beautiful!
    Thank you, Maria

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