Water ~ The Diamond Of Liquids

I found the following post earlier this week, on my favorite local Organic Spa’s Facebook page 🙂 .  I shared it immediately on FB via the “share” button, but it was here that I wanted to share it most.  I thought my only option was to copy and paste the content myself, but was happy when I discovered the awesome little “embed” option Friday night!  It only works on public posts, which makes sense, but now I can easily share FB posts on my website!  I know, it may not seem like much, but I didn’t think I could share FB content with everyone here unless you were a FB member yourself… now I can. YAY! (I think I just found my next Tech Tip Tuesday.)

So, moving on to the post!…



I started to joke these last 5 yrs, that I’ve been turned into an “Aquatarian”, LoL, my new coined term 🙂 … ever since water became the only thing I can eat and/or drink that doesn’t result in severe nausea (daily).  As awful as that is… when thirst hits me as it does… the first thing that comes to mind isn’t how upset I am by what I can’t have, but in fact the opposite.  I find myself with a literal tear, sometimes thinking, “thank you God” for the ability to at least be able to drink that (even if only small amounts at a time).  My point is, it can sometimes taste like the greatest gift on earth and as much as I cry at times, for the wishful craving of a cold glass of lemonade or a fresh orange juice at breakfast… I will never take for granted that glass of ice water and the knowledge that things could be even worse.  I could get sick on water as well, being left with nothing to quench the thirst, that sometimes leaves me feeling as if I’ve been stranded in a hot dry desert for days.

In addition to that, my love for water existed long before even thinking about its health benefits 🙂 .  My inability to swim, while on IV’s all these years, has left me feeling like a fish on dry land.  Even after putting all the above aside though, I’ve also experienced the side effects of dehydration on the body personally and the truth behind the physical health benefits of water to joints, muscles, inflammation and pain.  Not only do I savor the taste of every sip now, but I remember to appreciate the importance and the help it gives my body every day, to stay strong and hold on with me… doing all we can together to allow things to heal, or in the very least maintain, as we wait for the needed surgery to fix the mechanical/functional complications from the last one.  PURE and simple, it’s amazing what the body can do and how it can survive on water alone…though I’d never wish it on anyone to find out!

I guess you could say I have a somewhat biased appreciation for water, even before you read the facts about its health benefits… But put the two together and you can see what makes it the Diamond of all Liquids.

Next time you’re taking a sip of water… remember what an amazing gift something as small as that mouthful of clear liquid really is.  I bet it may even taste a little better… I mean… we all know how boring water can be 😉 .  Cheers to your health and to a long and happy life! xo

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