What Is The Most Important Element When Making A Video For Your Website?

It’s An Inspired Tech Tip Tuesday!

Surprisingly, when you’re making a video for your website, whether it’s for a personal blog, a business, or maybe an interview series for educational reasons… there are literally endless possibilities for making a website video… but, besides the exception of doing silent films 😉 , one thing remains the same no matter what your purpose… the most important element of the video isn’t the picture quality as some may think, but actually the AUDIO or Sound quality itself. 🙂

You can edit and change picture quality later if anything needs to be touched up a bit, but the sound is there to stay… and if the sound is bad…well, I think we’ve all had at least one experience where we can honestly say, we simply didn’t have the patience when there are so many other things to watch and choose from!  You want to have GOOD AUDIO…HANDS DOWN!

I finished with my home nurse about 20 minutes before I sat down to write this, a temp. this week, while my regular nurse is away on maternity leave with his fiancé. 🙂 Yay! Congrats G.!!  Anyway, not knowing my story as my long time nurse does, she asked me more about my history, and as we talked it reminded and inspired me of all that I’m doing here… My passion to get my content up, so that all I’ve stayed strong for these 17 years now, hasn’t been for nothing!… The emotions I’ve been feeling about this last hospital stay and how it has taking me giant steps backwards, in a way that has left me unable to keep up with all that I had finally achieved working towards these past few years.  I was so excited to at last be able to share the vision I’d created almost 4 yrs ago with all of you… the original dream being to start it three years ago and share as I went along.  Life had other plans for timing though, and I was literally jumpy with happy anxiousness thinking I was finally going to be sharing the happiness with others and hopefully something helpful and fun. xo

My nurse nailed it when she understood the hard part of trying to introduce a story like this one, getting it out there unknown, but without it being heard in a negative voice or in the wrong way.  That is the main reason its taken me so long… because without knowing me, or hearing my voice, when people read something they can project their own voice into it from what they’ve experienced themselves or perhaps seen of their friends and loved ones.  With that thought in mind, it leaves video as a great way to make sure your voice is heard correctly! 🙂

I know that was all a little off subject of Tech Tip Tuesday, but that’s one of the unique differences about this site… as much as it’s a resource for help in several genres, some days will be straight forward blunt facts and links… while others, like today, are inspired by my every day life.   Our conversation led to remembering a lesson I learned about Audio…

That “Sound is the Most Important Investment You Will Make!”


Types Of Microphones

You obviously have the microphone that is built in to your computer.  Depending on the quality of your computer, this will no doubt lend to the quality of your recording, but to start with it gets the job done.  After that there are various types of microphones better suited for different needs.

External Microphones:

Desktop ~ ones you connect to your USB
~ probably used for podcast, video journals etc.  Close to the computer.
~ (I’ve heard the Audio Technica AT2020 is a good one to look at for quality/price)

Out & About ~ Mics that mount on your camcorder or the hot shoe of your camera
~ Wireless Mics ~ These are the BEST!
~ Can be 100 ft away, which gives great flexibility

You can also use the wireless mics in indoor settings that are closer together, it allows for more movement (obviously less messy wires to deal with while walking and talking, lol) But they are, of course, at the higher end of the budget.

I don’t have any experience with Mic’s yet to give you good referrals, but my final purpose of this post is to share the new external mic that was included in the Apple Store’s little “santa bundle” I told you about the other day .  (If you missed that one you can read about it here in Footprints In The Sand).

It’s called the “Snowball”… check it out!












I have yet to open it, but I have something I can be the guinea pig for as I start my first video’s on YouTube.  I did finally set up the channel that I wanted to start on our summer RV trip, I’ve just been feeling a lot more vulnerable ever since my set back.  The one thing you can’t hide, no matter how positive you are, is the physical that you go through.  But, like I’ve said, mariacostellonow.com… and the Design To Live community… is a place where I want you all to feel safe and comfortable being exactly who you are, right now, no matter what you are going through.  To do that, I have to show my trust, by sharing the truth of my journey as well… I just always hoped I could start at a high point, not after such a major fall. Hehe 😉  I guess we don’t always get to pick and choose though do we. xo

I’ll let you know how the mic works, maybe even do a video blog with examples of sound before and after connecting it!  Sounds like a fun idea to play with as one of my first uploads.  I’ll only learn by diving in and going for it right?

With that said, I guess this is a to be continued…  If any of you try out an audio device of your own or perhaps already have a favorite that you would recommend, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  If all goes as planned, Audio Part 2 will be the video on my YouTube channel… “Kick Your Shoes Off” :)… I hope with that title, you’re already ready to make yourself at home! xo

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