What Makes Someone An Inspiration?

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Hi Everyone 🙂

Happy Spirit Sunday!

Since I can’t figure out how to attach this post as more than a link… as in, with the picture embedded as well, the way you will see it on the Facebook post below… I’m going to simply embed my post from today, so it isn’t just plain text again.  I was trying to figure out how to include the pic, so I could write my original post here on the website and then have it share to the FB page. I guess that will be my next tech research to work on, when I have a bit more time ;).  For now, I’m going with what I’ve learned so far…hehe…and thankfully, I’ve learned embedding from Facebook! LoL  Thanks for being patient and coming along for the ride as I play and learn… At least this way I’ll start getting my content to you, which for me is the thing that matters the most! xo


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