WordPress Basics ~ Free Video Tutorial Series!

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Welcome to Tech Tip Tuesday!

As promised on my Facebook Page, today is the start of what is going to be a fun weekly regular… Technical Tuesdays!…or what I prefer to call Tech Tip Tuesday! ~ It has a fun ring to it. 🙂

For awhile now, I’ve been playing around with how I could match fun content for my posts with days of the week, in a rhyming kind of way… I know, it may sound cheesy, but what can I say… “That’s me!” 🙂 … a little bit of a goofy dork and I always will be. In my book, that term refers to “a carefree playfulness that can let go and have fun, just like when you were a kid”. I like to hope we all have a bit of a goofy dork inside of us.

So, welcome to my first fun Tech Tip Tuesday! Yay!

After spending the last few years searching Google, working hard to teach myself the technical know how I need so I can build and run my own website, as well as other social media pages… I decided ~ If I can help anyone starting out, save time and frustration doing the same thing I did, wondering what the best answers are in that ocean of info online… Why not?! 🙂  I still spend hours trying to find answers and would have LOVED to have had some of these tips at the beginning!  (To be honest, I literally got excited about today’s tip when I found it… wishing I had, when I first started to make my vision a reality, by purchasing my domain over two years ago. But then I immediately wanted someone to share it with who COULD make use of it now.)  It makes me happy that I have a place to do that. xo

So, I’ll be sharing things I’ve figured out on my own, awesome links I’ve found, tips I think might be the most helpful and posting them here every Tuesday! And if any beginners have anything specific they’re stuck on, please ask questions 🙂 . If it’s something I’ve researched and know anything about, I’ll do my best to help with what I know.  Just remember, I do only know tips from as far as I’ve learned myself, and I’m still learning! LoL  If things go the way I hope though, and discussions get started, we may find that we all get to help each other at different points.  I may even have a question myself. 😉


I’m taking you back to the beginning today…almost.  After a lot of research I chose to use WordPress to build my blog.  There are other choices, I’ve heard WIX is pretty good among a couple of others, but overall WP was the one I read the most praise about across the board… for a balanced mixture of reasons and consistency.  It’s also FREE!  This tip is for WP users only, but it is AWESOME if you’re a newbie building your own.

There are a lot of tutorials on how to set up your WP site, even ones from WP themselves… the following link is by far the best video collection of tutorials I have come across since day one…and they are FREE!  When I found them, they were a collection of 17, each one less than 5 mins, a step-by-step walk through of the basics for setting up your website and theme.  Sadly for me, they were all the videos I needed to get me to where I already was 🙁 … of course!

Here’s the BONUS!

When I went on to get the link for you all today, now this is at least six months later by the way, they have started to add new tutorials to the collection!  There are 2 more that go with the Basics set, and starting next week they are adding ones that get into more advanced tips, things that allow you to personalize your site.  Now I’m excited that I get to take part in the upcoming fun as well 🙂 .  I hope you WordPress newbie’s find this link helpful.  I enjoyed watching them just for the clarity, Scott explaining things with simplicity combined with great visuals to guide you through it.


Have fun building your website!  I’d love to see how awesome your sites are looking as you make progress and your visions come together.  I hope you come back and share.



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  1. Lisa Sulsenti

    I look forward to following your tips and making my website better and better!

  2. Maria

    I’m so happy you liked it! Please forgive me for not responding until now! My own tech learning, as I work with programs for the first time, somehow kept your comment hidden from me until today. 🙁 I’m so happy to have discovered it at last :), but feel terrible to think you may have thought I’ve ignored your kind words all this time! I guess this is part of the realness that my site is about, even as I hope to help others with my tips as I learn, here and now, it turns out you’ve helped me to learn about something that wasn’t set up right in my own theme. Thank you! I hope the tips have helped so far, and I promise you that if I receive a comment, only an unforeseen error that keeps me from seeing it will stop me from responding. Again, forgive my tardy response in expressing my happiness to hear from you.
    Have fun building your site!

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