World Vegetarian Day!

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I have so much to catch you all up on, but for now I’m skipping over it all to my newest discovery, that it’s

World Vegetarian Day!! 🙂


I had no idea this day even existed, but absolutely love that it does!… celebrating 35 years, 5 months and however many days from the afternoon I was born… that I have been a veggie in this world.  I guess you could go beyond that to mums pregnancy as well, as she was a vegetarian through it all, and even before.

I never pushed it on my friends and never gave anyone a hard time about meat, the same way I hoped others would respect my choice about vegetarianism.  Everyone has the right to choose what’s right for them… But I did love fixing the best veggie food, as a way to introduce them to how good it can be :).  I can also say, that being a Taurus and an athlete with a super high metabolism, I LOVED MY FOOD…which made our house the best place to learn about, and get, good vegetarian grub. Hehe  As much as I don’t mind what choices people make for themselves, I have to admit, I light up with a smile when a friend surprises me…almost as happy as I am, to tell me that they’ve become vegetarian as well.  I can’t help it, I love animals, and I love it when others choose to go veggie all on their own. Yay!

It was such a perfect day for dad to bring up these beautiful vegetables from downstairs… all local grown and organic.  We’ve been using our coffee shop space as a pick up location for a program that delivers 3 different size boxes, depending on what you sign up for, each one a mixture of the best local, organic grown produce.  Whenever someone doesn’t pick up their box over the weekend, dad calls to check on it.  Most of the time, they tell him to “please, take whatever is still any good”. 🙂 Isn’t that awesome! I guess you could say, this week, our kitchen received a beautiful donation.

IMG_1720 IMG_1724










I still may not be able to eat, but my parents are already enjoying this gorgeous array of vibrant color and equally vibrant taste (from what they tell me).  Aren’t these gorgeous pictures to show the beauty of live, fresh foods?…and to receive them on World Vegetarian Day is too perfect.  Oh, how I miss my food!… But please, feel free to pick my brain for food ideas, perhaps things a growing teenager or athlete would love (and need) to stay energized and strong.

This kind of info is another example of one of the categories that will be shared as part of the magazine style of the site, food another beautiful part of design in our life… from the moment it’s created to the time it becomes that bite you put in your mouth.  I hope you enjoy every moment with such appreciation and gratitude…and although it may not be the first thing you think of (which is totally understandable, as being able to eat isn’t generally suppose to be a stress in ones day)…try to remember to “savor the flavor” hehe.  It’s worth it!

Reminds me of a movie recommendation, one I loved from my healthy teenage years…”Like Water For Chocolate”.  It’s spanish subtitled, but worth the rental if you like film festival style movies and what is a beautifully filmed, well written love story.

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